MA — 03 Photoshoot


In this assignment I needed to create a street poster using photography as the main focus and promote a product. The background photograph had to be taking from a pedestrian street in my city at night. The poster had to include the photo of a pedestrian street, slogan, logo and a product photographed in a studio. The product had to be something that could be sold in one of the shops on the pedestrian street. The size for the hole poster had to be A2 portrait.

The purpose was to be creative with the camera, explore photography and experiment with lighting. With the right lightning, product/night photo combination and layout I worked to get the atmosphere to the poster.

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MA 02 — Strategy Design (week 14-18)


”Farm Fresh to You” is a US based company that wants to expand to our local community. The company partners with local organic farmers bringing fresh seasonal products to customer’s doorstep. The company needs a new logo and visual identity to suit new customers and markets.

I was asked to conduct research to identify the competition, the target group, drivers and barriers and to use this information when designing the new logo and visual identity for this company. The company also needs a suitable packaging for their products and branding on the delivery vans. The logo and visual identity was to be presented in a brand Style Guide.

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Semester 4 Portfolio

Here’s the link to my Semester 4 website portfolio.

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MA — 06 Motion Design

This Diamond Award title sequence was made in Adobe After Effect.


In this assignment I have designed and executed a title sequence to kick off the Noroff’s annual Diamond Awards show.

The title sequence should capture the mood of the evening, represent the school and it’s 10 subjects and appeal to the target audience which was the teachers and students of Noroff. The title sequence had to be animated and between 10 to 30 seconds long.

I also needed to include the Diamond Awards logo — either in coloured version or black and white. I had to closely consider the evening and what mood I should aim for, and in doing that I also had to think of fonts, elements, colours, animation, and audio. It required a lot of planning and processing with the layout, typography, colours, elements, and animation.

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MA — 05 Photoshoot

With this photoshoot I created a poster for the Awareness campaign.


This Mandatory Assignment was about photoshoot and Awareness Campaign. It was made for an international company called A21 who works to eliminate human trafficking and abolish injustice in the 21st Century.

I planned a photoshoot with a model, photographed, designed and created a A3 poster to be used in their campaign to create awareness around the issue in Norway. The campaign is targeted towards Norwegians – to change their attitudes against human trafficking and to create awareness around the issue.


The poster had to include effective photography, a name, slogan, and other additional text if wanted. Also graphics and illustrations were allowed. The photos should be taken outside and using mainly just the natural light. The minimum size for the poster was A3. To be affective the poster should evoke feelings and emotions. It should have one clear subject and message.

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MA 04 — Design History website

Here’s the interactive Design History website I designed for the fourth Mandatory assignment.


This assignment was to design a Graphic Design timeline or list from 1950 to today to the web. We were giving five styles or periods we should include to the timeline and provide additional information for example about the graphic designers and social events effecting that time.


The Graphic Design history timeline website had to be designed for all screen types and be interactive. The timeline should include the five given styles or periods: Pop Art, International Typography, Psychedelic Movement, Graffiti and Street art and New Wave.

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Week 39 — Project Exam (week 7)

Last week (weeks half time) doing the Exam. There’s ton to do with the website: add Google Analytics, checking the performance, checking the mobile versions, correction to the layout etc etc.

DAYS 31-35

I actually started this already on last Friday but continued with it during the weekend and on this Monday. The site doesn’t work while GoDaddy doesn’t provide SLL certificates for its users. This was new to me while my site is hosted by and it they secure their sites for free by LetsEncrypt.

It took good three days to try to figure out which would be the best plan to get the SLL certificate, from which authorization level and for what price.

Finally after reading several articles, GoDaddy’s website support and other ones experiences about the subject I ended up to use SLL Zen and Really Simple SLL plug-in:s. SLL Zen offers an affordable option to renew the LetsEncrypt’s free 90 days SLL certificate.

DAY 31

I added Google Analytics to the website. I read and explored the options and ended up using MonsterInsights plug-in. To get the account work took awhile but in the end all the information is in WordPress and the client can only use one app.

DAY 32

I have been fixing little things, like why the images are not showing correctly in the mobile version, same margins, same text colors.

Reading about the options to backup the files and how to add meta data to the site without the plugin.

I’m trying to change the Event pages so that the text and image  in the beginning of the page would only show in the main page, not when you click to one of the events. I found the link to do it but can’t quite make it work. Here’s the link what I should do.

DAY 33

Testing the site with the board members and with a few friends that has been doing UX testing.

I made two events and we tested the hole site with the FF board. We signed up and bought tickets, tested that the PayPal is working, the newsletter sign ups went though, the mobile and ipad versions also has everything in place and worked, the images downloaded.

There was minor things to fix and mostly everything worked well but it still took a good time to make those little things. I changed the margins to % so that there wouldn’t be so

I also tested the site with speed and mobil friendliness.

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DAY 34

Backing up the site. There was three options that I looked into: DublicatorUpDraftPlus and All-In-One Migration. I ended up using the UpDraftPlus and download all the files to the clients Google Drive.

For some reason the favicon wasn’t showing in the live page. So I changed the code in the functions.php and that helped. I read this article for it.

I also added the entry image for WordPress through functions.php. I also changed the Howdy text, disabled the logging hints, added Meta Data and set up use of minified libraries if SCRIPT_DEBUG is turned off.

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DAY 35

Today is a half day (because of the time difference) and the due day.

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Week 38 Project Exam (week 6)

DAYS 26-30

This week has been all building the website.

DAY 26

I had searched two options for the parent theme. I made the front page and was trying which one would “obey” my child theme commands better, how the navigation bar and the footer can be modified. Using inspector I tried what is changeable and what isn’t and how it would look.

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In the end I decided to use Astra. The biggest points were that the mobile navigation bar was nicer and the laptop version was a bit more flexible as well after I found the solution to change the navigation bar color.

I went forward and tried to make the navigation bar work. I even took the header.php and tried to take the navigation bar out from the container with child themes header.php but that didn’t work either. So…

I’m back using Virtue. I just couldn’t make the navigation bar to change it’s color and switch nicely to the mobile version as well. The mobile navigation bar is not as clean as in Astra but otherwise everything else seems to work as planned.

Tonight we also had a Skype meeting with the client and Anna who has promised to write the texts to the website. I shared the screen with everyone and we went through the digitally sketched designs. Couple of changes were made to the images but over all everything was in places and Anna got good tips for the texts. I feel that this was a really important meeting and now everyones expectations and schedule are in the same level.

DAY 27

I continued to build the sites. The frontside, menu bar and footer starts to be ready. I downloaded The Calendar and tickets plug-in:s and tried to figure out how to get them to the front-page without buying the PRO version. Finally I found a solution to it. I made one section of the front-page a widget area and embedded the front-page of the events to it.

Navigation bar as a second navigation bar. With the first one I couldn’t get the @screen to work with the wight of the bar. It always left a margin to the sides when switched to the smaller or bigger screen until the value changed.

After the front-page I continued to the other pages. It’s fun to see that finally I’m feeling that I can actually go and follow my design and make it work using the child theme’s css. It also pays back that I have searched, compared and tested the plugins beforehand. Now I can concentrate building.

DAY 28

I still haven’t got into the hosting company and started to really ask about it and dig deeper the reason. The process actually started along side in December but last week it took over and I had to put my development work aside to solve this. (I’m supposed to do half days but now it has been full hole days as well).

After several emails, text messages etc. I figured that the old side was hosted by WebFlow but the domain was still in GoDaddy. The domain had been changed as well during the process and we couldn’t get in to the account. Then I started to explore what are the options for the hosting plan in GoDaddy. Chat with representative and got information about the account and different plans. All good!

DAY 29

We finally have the hosting plan as well in GoDaddy. Now I have been getting to know the CPanel, transferring the data through FileZilla and FTP connection and exporting and importing date from the WordPress sites.

I discontinued the hosting service in Webflow and while the customer didn’t need any information from the old site I didn’t worried about it.

The site is up and running. Some technical aspects still need to be solved and there’s ton of styling that didn’t follow but I’m pretty happy. I had some trouble first with a broken child theme but  got it all solved in the end.

DAY 30

GoDaddy created the wordpress site and the next day I couldn’t get in anymore. I had to go tp myphp to change the the username and password for it. It didn’t help so I changed it from GoDaddy’s CPanel.

I have been updating my child theme’s style.css while some of the selectors change their value in the process. Also uploading the images, putting the right configurations on to the new WordPress site. etc.


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Week 37 — Project Exam (week 5)

DAYS 21-25

Low-end sketches, feedback from old websites, Fireframes  and Motion Design

Low-end sketches

I started the process again by doing the low end designs sketching by hand. Each page was designed first by hand, just to see that all the wanted elements would be in place and to create a consistency to the look. I looked inspiration from existing websites, organization websites and the websites I already mentioned in the earlier post.

Free sketching and idea development

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Moving forward to more detailed sketching of each page 

I had read an articles about UX and optimizing for web. While more and more people are using cellphone while using internet, I wanted to start my designs mobile first as well. It’s very important that the website will be mobile friendly. I also want to pay attention to for example optimizing the images I will be using, so that the speed of downloading the site will be as fast as can be.

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This week has been mostly putting elements to their places and planning the structure of the websites. A bit exploring the WordPress and themes.

After sketching by hand, I started with the frontpage wireframe and continued from there to the rest of the pages. We also needed the thank you page after purchasing the tickets and donate page.

I saved the wireframes to Trello for the client to comment. After having the discussion and getting the feedback, I made the changes for the wireframes.

I had told the customer to look only that all the information would be in place and added. The design would not be in key role here.










Feedback from the old client’s website

I also contacted my old customer who I did the website in GRA1 and asked how she’s liking her website now when she has had two years to use it. What would she recommend for me to do differently? Is everything working well? Have the updates of WordPress and plug ins went well? Etc. I got the best feedback ever, which made me very happy. She had had only positive feedback of the sites and everyone loves how informative they are. If you haven’t yet, check them out! Burmesterhaus 

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.59.21 PM


High End Designs

Finally I sketched the final high end designs that I would follow when building the website.

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Motion design

I also made couple of drafts for Motion Design.
It requires a bit fine-tuning still but I think answers the requirements for clients needs. They were seeking to have a promo video reflecting an active and modern Organization which supports Finnish heritage in American culture.

(EDIT: I have deleted the video from my Vimeo account and added it to the clients Youtube account.)







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Week 36 — Project Exam (week 4)

DAYS 16-20 

Planning the strategy and searching options

I explored different options to do the website using  html, css and bootstrap, using Framework in wordpress (Bones, Underscrore or Sage for example) or a child theme. I read articles of each options and added plus and minuses to the paper. This was one of the videos that I found and gave his explanation why the child theme works ok for websites. In the end my conclusion was that child theme would work best for this project and for my client. The website would be easier to update by the client themself and the updates should be automatic, except the plug-ins and different plug-ins could be used for example for ticketing.


After interviewed the customer and getting feedback how the website should look and what content it should include, I had already created two options for the sitemap earlier, send it to the customer and was now going through the feedback from it.

We had a good commenting in Trello about what should be included and what to add. Should the events be in the future still be created both to Facebook and Eventbrite? I promised to test more how the options could work for ticketing. The site would be only in English. The donate and subscribe newsletter -buttons should be easy to find and pop out from many places. If the donate button is frequently present, the customer went to have the “Links” page on the navigation bar.

Ticketing options

The customer has been using Eventbrite for selling and promoting tickets to events. It has has a yearly cost, is adding another app to control and isn’t serving as well as it could, I was told. So I looked into other options that might work for the client and could be integrated to the website.

Deciding whether to use the ticketing plug-in or not is a big decision regarding the design I will made. There’s not too many events for each month or even for the year, so a calendar, that some of the organizations were using (for example Swea), would not work well. And the client wanted to have a website that wouldn’t need too much updating all the time.

I searched the best options for ticketing plug in in WordPress, read reviews and tested few of them. I created a test site to my old portfolio site and created three different events. I linked my Paypal account to it so that I could really go deep and know how it would work and the emails that the client gets would look like.

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When taking into consideration the look and the functions of the plug-in, I liked the best The event Calendar, By Modern Tribe, Inc. and it’s option to add Event Tickets into it.

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Moodboards and mindmap

I have been going through good webpages as well as pages that inspires me. These are the pages that had inspired me by their creativity or using a bit different approach to using text and image in the website. I’m not yet saying that these would bee a good fit to my client but I was looking inspiration to get something fresh and maybe new ideas to use for the website.

Setouchi Cominca Stays


For the inspiration I included a bit from Finland and a bit from San Francisco. Birch threes, green, blue, white. Modern, clean look. Design, creativity. Easy to navigate, easy to find information. Reflects active organization, yearly events, long history.

This board has also a lot little details that I was looking. How to use the donation button, how to design sign up for newsletter etc. WFF and National Parks Foundation had good examples for that.



WordPress parent theme

In the end of the week I also explored a bit already what could be the parent theme I could use. Just to give me idea what was available and useful, before running into too much designing. The theme had to be from a reliable company, downloaded a good amount of times so that I know that there’s a lot of people using it and it’s not likely that the company will discontinue it soon. That said it had to have an active support portal and updated versions of the theme (just to know that they are taking care of the theme and still putting effort to it).




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