LA – Moodle map

One of this week Learning activity was to draw a map of our virtual classroom Moodle. The purpose was to get to know what areas it has to offer and by visualizing it, it actually helped me to see better what our classroom looks like and what elements it has. The method was to describe it in a creative way by using a pen and paper.

So if it’s only a pen, does it mean that it can’t be colored? Well, after this I will know how precise the instructions are written. The other thing what was a little bit misleading in our instructions was that where should we publish this assignment. It said that this map is suppose to be delivered as part of Mandatory Assignment but it also says that it has to be uploaded into the blog. So here is my Moodle map both ways – black/white and colored:



The quality of the colors in this uploaded drawing should be better. I don’t have a scanner yet – have to get it soon!! I’ll have to plan a trip to Hong Kong. Here all the quality brands are very expensive.


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2 Responses to LA – Moodle map

  1. elisehatveit says:

    I love your drawing! Its so cool! I had the same difficulty with the instructions and the coloring part. But I decided to use some colors aswell.

    Really great job!


  2. viinikanoja says:

    Hi Elise! Thanks for your comment 😉 I’m really excited about the Graphic Design studies. Love to see your work as well!! I will be following you 😉


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