LA – Understanding positioning (part 1)


Look at the following logos and explain in your own words what you consider their positioning to be (do this for each one).

Positioning is the place a product occupies in consumers minds relative to competing products.
(Logo Design Workbook: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos, Adams, S; Morioka, N; Stone, T. Page 23 and )



Coca-Cola, probably the best known and biggest selling soft drink brand in the market. It has been on the market over 100 years and the consumers are all over the world and in all age groups. It has kept it’s core product for years and the logo is familiar for almost everyone. I think the logo’s (trademark) red color reminds me of fun and family and it’s easy to see even from far. The logo is funky and it works for the hole generation.

I see the Coca-Cola bottle as one of the American Icons. Coca-Cola represents the way of live you want to live. The brand identity has been build so that what ever you do you want to do it holding your Coca-Cola bottle in your hand. Coca-Cola bottle has been seen in many pop culture movies and many hand of celebrities. It’s the American way of life you want to live and I find that that can be the weak part of the brand as well. The brand has been supporting for example the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup and it has lined up with different organizations for example World Wildlife Fund to contribute to positive change but still in my mind it’s not what I want to represent. Nether the less sometimes I still choose Coca-Cola Zero instead of it’s competitor Pepsi Max, which tastes better in my mind.



Volkswagen, a simple, mid-level car brand. The logo itself (monogram) is also plain and doesn’t create too many feelings. Although it has elegant colors and shape. The logo is already well established so that everyone who knows a bit about cars connects the logo to Volkswagen.

If you want a reliable car made in German that doesn’t create too many feelings, you choose a Volkswagen. Except the brand risked it’s position in the market last year with the diesel emissions scandal. At least before the VW logo represented safety, reliability, family friendly and quality. It’s more simple version from the company’s other brand – more luxury Audi. Manufacturing in German represents also in the minds of consumers the high quality engineering and reliability compared to it’s competitors in East. Volkswagen’s Beetle is very popular among young adults and why not a little bit older ones as well. I have seen even Guggi edition.



Visa, a world wide known credit company that is positioned for everyone who is creditworthy. Compared to it’s competitors Visa is known to be accepted almost everywhere in the world as an option for credit payment. You can get money from the ATMs, pay online or in the cashiers. Used as a credit card the logo is seen connected to your bank card – so Visa has to think it’s partners as well when thinking of it’s brand image. In my opinion the logo itself (wordmark) is not that fancy or special but it’s the brand identity what the logo represents that creates the image of money, credit and trust. And it doesn’t have big fees for using it – like some of it’s competitors.

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