LA – Understanding Ideals



Visit a popular store. The brand should be well-known and you must visit a shop where their products are being displayed or distributed. Before going to the shop, determine the following about their brand identity and, once at the shop, evaluate how they remain true to their brand identity or not. How is the brand identity enhanced (or, perhaps, not expressed) at the point of customer interaction? Hand in a write-up with photos of the following:

  1. What brand identity element are they using in their logo (e.g. abstract mark or word mark)?

I visited an Apple Store in a busy shopping mall. The Apple’s logo is a symbol or a logomark. It can be easily connected to the name of the company. It doesn’t have any taglines. It’s just very simple logo and used in elegant way. The logo is used in different colors and ways. It’s projected to the wall in white, in the packaging it’s in black or white, in the products it’s either white and the light comes through it or the same color as the product but darker. They also use the contrast of the shiny versus matt surfaces.


  1. What do you think their brand ideal is?

I think their brand ideal is to sell high-end touchscreen devices to everyone and give a smooth, reliable user experience with an elegant design. If the brand ideal is to actively aim to improve the quality of people’s lives, Apple does it by trying to help people to get information, use applications that makes live easier (for example online shopping or taxi service) and connect people.

  1. How do they remain true to their brand ideal within their shops?

In Apple Store they actually create only the high quality and user friendly feeling for the products, they are not selling the products. Or they are but you can’t see the prices anywhere or no one is trying to force you to buy anything. It’s more about getting to know the products and creating the image for the products and Apple. The employees are there to give information and advices what would be the best product for you or give more information how to use them. That way they hook you to the Apple store and get your trust. The store is as well simple and communicates high end technology and products.


All the main products are on the tables where everyone can see, touch and try them – even for kids. It gives very user-friendly and reliable atmosphere. This is quite unusual that you can actually test the products before. It also gives a promise to the customers that Apple products are easy to use, there’s no problems even if hundreds of people use the same device per day.

  1. Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal. (For example, if the brand ideal is “innovation”, do you get a sense of that ideal when you visit the outlet?)


As I mentioned already above, the message that Apple wants to send can be seen and experienced clearly in the Apple Store. Different products have their own areas and those are easy to find. In one corner there’s a man giving a lecture, in the other one the children are hooked by letting them play games meanwhile the adults can get to know the other products. I can see that at least now in China Bose is paying a lot to be a partner with Apple. They have got their speakers to be sold with the Apple products in the Apple Store .

  1. Evaluate the visual display of the products according to the brand ideal. (For example, if the brand ideal is “value”, is this expressed in the way they display the products?)

The Apple products are not inexpensive. When you have decided what you want the employees will get it for you from the storage. To get to know the products you are welcome to try them. The products that are displayed to the walls and under the table are smaller products that can be used with Iphones, Ipads or MacBooks. These smaller products they also sell in other brands. Some of those products can’t be opened or tested and that gives a little mixed feelings.

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