MA -02 Market competitors


Research – Who are the main market competitors and how is their design?

For the Mandatory Assignment -02 we need to create a logo for a new chocolate brand named Crave as well as do a research about the excisting brands on the market. Before starting to sketching the logo for Crave it’s good to explore what kind of logos the competitors have. I did a research in internet and find out that in several sources there was same names coming out but in different order. I picked few of them Lindt, Godiva, Ghirardelli, Cadbury, Guylian,Ferrero Rocher and Milka.

While Godiva’s strong branding has made it a leader in luxury chocolates, it certainly does not stand alone in the fast-growing premium chocolate market. In addition to traditional competitors Lindt and Ghirardelli, larger companies such as Hershey’s, Mars, and Nestlé have been getting in on the action, while smaller boutique brands continue to offer ultra-exclusive options for chocolate gift-givers. (Bloomberg).



Lindt is striving to to offer you a chocolate that melts tenderly in your mouth and gently caresses all your senses. I love Lindt chocolate.

The text in the logo is like hand-written. It’s very curved which makes an elegant feeling. It’s still easy to read and it has a dragon logo on the right side. I see that it communicates serious business and it represents the royal life style – the quality and the manners. My opinion is that the logo is almost too stiff.

Also the color makes the logo elegant. It’s usually used in cold color but also at least in black. Under the text there is a straight line which in my mind represents the strict and stiff (which is not necessarily bad thing here) but also elegant attitude. Under the line is usually used a tagline which is written all san serif capital letters (very modern and clean font) that makes the logo look more modern and gives it a little spicy twist.

This chocolate brand from Zürich has been on the market from 1845 and the logo suits the company and it’s identity very well. It’s well known and everybody recognize the logo right away. Popular items include their wrapped Lindor truffles and simple premium chocolate bars that are regular duty-free favorites.


Godivas’s logo is usually used in color cold as well as the Lindt’s logo but you can also see it in brown. The biggest difference is that the text is much more modern and all capitals. The letters doesn’t have any endings. It’s very simple. The brand name is usually used with a sign of a woman riding a horse. I’m not quit sure what does that communicate – maybe freedom. The logo is some cases used without the horse sign and I think then the text is just too simple and boring. It’s also a bit hard to read and it doesn’t have any character. Still when ever you see the brand name it’s a promise of fine, high quality chocolate. I have never analyzed the logo before and the conclusion is that the brand’s image is stronger than the style of the logo itself. But I really like the color combinations how it’s used in the packaging.

Godiva Chocolatier, in Brussels, was founded in 1926. It’s their 90th aniversary this year. Godiva’s name was inspired by the legend of Lady Godiva, known for her beauty and for being a champion of the common people in Coventry, England, where her husband Lord Leofric ruled with a heavy hand. In a logo the lady riding a horse must be then her.



Ghirardelli, an Italian but headquarters of the brand is in USA. One of the top most selling chocolate brands in the world. Italian immigrant Domingo Ghirardelli started the company in San Francisco in 1852. Lindt & Sprüngli acquired the brand in 1998.

I got to know the brand more closely when living in Bay Area, California. It was familiar from traveling to USA before but this time I was comparing it to the European chocolates. And I have to say that although the founder is Italian it still has a big American label. Maybe it’s the eagle on the top of the text or the hole sign that I would link to Texas. It seems to be old but it’s not old enough. The letters, all capitals, are usually white, surrounded with cold and in the blue background. The logo is also used black and white and deep blue. It also has a tagline ”Chocolate” under the brand name which I’m not sure is needed when the brand name is already established in the market.



Guylian, famous Belgian chocolate brand, hand made cocoa bars, different classy maneuvers such as sea shell shapes, praline fillings etc. Where founded in 1960. Guylian’s name was fused from the names of husband and wife team Guy and Liliane Foubert who operated out of their kitchen in Belgium to make chocolates to sell to local chocolate shops.

I have never realized that the name Guilian is actually two names until now. There is another capital letter in between the word. I really like the flat top and round under of the shape of the text. I also like that the font is elegant and a bit old fashion with the ending in each letter but still it has modern touch. There is just the brand name, nothing else. Great chocolate!



Ferrero Rocher – it is said that it’s the ultimate world favorite. Ferrero Rocher are Italian made roasted specialties. The logo is in a oval shape and the font is all capitals. The letters are modern. The color in the logo is something between yellow and light brown or dark brown. The

feeling is okay, it’s meant for everyone. I think the logo itself isn’t anything special but when it’s used with the clear plastic box and cold wrapped chocolates, it works well.


Milka is a traditional brand of chocolate confection which originated in Switzerland in 1825. The logo is more childish than the others here. The text is hand-written type, all in lowercase. Usually with the brand name there is a sign of a caw. I actually think that the caw fits there well. It’s chocolate for everyone. The big mountains in the cover of the chocolate bar. You can almost smell the fresh air.

Easy to buy from the shop but maybe not for as a formal gift. More like a chocolate bar for the weekend. The color purple differs also from the other ones.


After these because my intension now was to create an elegant brand for women in their 30s I wanted to explore the fine chocolate brands as well – Socola, Delysia, Xocolatti, Flying Noir. From these I really liked Socola’s logo. It’s simple but elegant. In Socola I like the way they have used the colors n the logo. It’s also very simple but not so elegant. Still quit chic.


The similarity was that all the logos had only one, two or maximum of three colors. Some had a sign in a logo added to the brand name but it wasn’t chocolate related at all.  




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