La – Expressing Meaning


In this Learning activity we were supposed to choose two words from the giving list. I chose Compression and Addition. Secondly we had to create our own word which would have a meaning only I would know. My own word is Spizrea.

Compression, Transition, Constraction, Addition, Subtraction, Disruption, Repetition, Elimination, Migration, Expansion 

Then our assignment was to create three different compositions for our three words, one word per composition. In each arrange the word to express its meaning, using either colour or black and white. Consider all and any means at your disposal: dramatic scale contrasts, cutting, repetition, letter spacing, etc.

Each composition should fit onto an A4 format. Vary the size, spacing, placement and orientation of letters. Be aware of how the word (or words) interacts with the entire format.

Consider the entire format as an important design element: use all available space; don’t simply centre the word – think of this as an opportunity to direct attention throughout the entire layout. Experiment. Play. Push to the edges of the page. Repeat elements if it helps to get the meaning across. Choose a very simple creative solution, if that’s most appropriate.

Use only one typeface for each composition, noting the appropriateness of the choice of typeface to the word explored; you can mix variants of one (light, bold, condensed, capitals, lowercase). You may repeat, omit, slice, block or overlap words or letters.

However, do not use drop shadows or horizontal/vertical scaling (distortion). Consider the entire space of the format as part of the design.

You can start your project and explore ideas by tracing letters, cutting and pasting computer-generated words, photocopying, photographing or by any combination of these methods. Be inventive. Later, once your ideas are developed, you can use a program such as InDesign, Quark or Illustrator to rework and refine the design. Take time to consider the various options; don’t just do the first thing that pops into your mind. Explore all possibilities for enhancing ideas.


I sketched all the words by hand trying to create compositions that would express the meaning of the word as good as possible. Then I tried different fonts in Illustrator which would communicate the meaning as well. I did couple of experiments for each of the words and come up with these one which can be seen under here. For my own word I wanted to use another technique. Instructions mentioned to explore all the ways you can see the words. I played with my son and build a train track when I realized that it actually made letters as well. Spizrea is very fast and around going train track.


Here’s the sketches and other trials:


Resources, equipments and programs

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