MA – 02 Moodboards and typeface

For the Mandatory Assignment 02 we got to design a logo for a new chocolate brand “Crave” entering the market. I chose my target group to be “women in their 30s”.

After researching the history of the chocolate, the market competitors and what is said about my target group “women in their 30s”. I started to get ideas and inspiration. I looked what came up in google pictures and pinterest and got more ideas for my logo. The words that could describe my logo could be elegant, luxury, chic, beautiful, simple, feminine (from the mind map after the research).


High heels, diamonds and jewellery inspired me a lot. Also lips would be nice when talking about chocolate but it seemed too kitch. Hearts were also on the list but in the beginning I thought that they were so used already and boring. The logo has to have something that it’s remembered of. The assignment was to have the name and a sign, symbol or a figure in the logo.

In the beginning I also looked the possibility to use a very curvy font and maybe some lines under it or on the side – like in the wedding invitations but quite soon I saw that it wasn’t want I wanted. I wanted the font to be really easy to read and simple but still something in it. But it wasn’t the curves!


I also made a google search about the fonts and downloaded a couple new ones. After searching awhile I found Manifesto that was simple but still got something in it.The font, Manifesto, was created by designer Tomaz Leskovec. It’s clean and simple typeface design inspired by the Italian rationalist movement.  And actually during the hole process it kept coming to my eyes. I really liked the font for this purpose!




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