MA – 02 Logo / different versions

I started with the high heels but it just didn’t seem to go anywhere. It was too different to be aside of the name and I didn’t want the name to be under the shoe either. So I looked my mind map again what picked up diamont and heart. I actually didn’t want to have hearts in my logo because they are so obvious and a bit boring but it seemed, when I was making different versions of the logo, that they fit my target group and to the logo really well. In the second version I picked up different fonts from the list I made and already then came up with one Art Deco font I randomly combined that with two little hearts. I wasn’t thinking too much of it that time.



I wanted the logo to be simple and elegant, appeal to women in their 30s and communicate about independency and joy and beauty of live. I thought that if the logo would have a heart it should be only one heart. My choice – independent women. But it turned out that two hearts looked better with the font I chose. I tried still one more time the high heels and tried different versions how they would look on a package but there was one logo all the time above others. I showed the logos to the target group in Finland and in China and both groups picked up the logo with Ard Deco font and two hearts and some sair or the one with the diamond as a letter V. In the end I still tried if the Ard Deco font would fit with a  “Crave + Chocolate = CC” Ard Deco style monogram.


The last ones I think the logo with lips is a bit naive, the logo inside the diamont had too much negative space and if the font was bigger it wasn’t balanced – the space was under the text. The diamond as a V didn’t have the caragter in the font – it was more a logo for a jewellery shop.

So my favorite was the one with two little hearts but I widen it a bit. There was not much I could change in the font. It was just simple and beautiful just like that so I tried different heart shapes. And came up that the best was the most simple one with black stroke. I was a bit disappointed that it felt almost too simple. I have learned so much about Illustrator, now be able to draw almost all my sketches and none of this can’t be seen in my best choice.

But I still choose to have a beautiful looking, simple logo that appeals to the target group (in three different surveys) but it still has something special to be recognized of. It’s timeless and can easily be used in black and white as well. When I look back, I actually can see that the best logos for the competitors are very simple as well. And for example looking my wallet Kate Spade has only a sign of ace of spades (Space and spades yes) with the name.


Love your live – love chocolate! (two hearts)

It communicates good mood, passion and elegancy. It’s chic and timeless. I think it compliments the brand name and it can be used easily in black and white and in many sizes as well.


Black and White


CMYK colors



RGB colors

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