LA – Color Theory, Part 2 (week6)

The second part of this weeks learning assigment was to use a colour photo and create the following colour effects (as per Nigel French’s video) – you should hand in four separate works of the same photo with the following effects:

  1. Create an “Andy Warhol” look
  2. Apply a sepia look
  3. Split toning of the image
  4. Freestyle: a colour effect of your choice

I had a lots of difficulties getting the video to work. I had scheduled my two weeks really well but wasn’t able to take a count that the electricity would be down one afternoon, the internet connection would not work and our capacity would fill while downloading the files and programs.

I thought that for “Andy Warhol” look the potreit works the best. I don’t have many potreits of me and I didn’t want to put anyone elses picture online so from the ones I had I chose this one. Mostly because trying couple of others, they didn’t work for “Andy Warhol” look.

“Andy Warhol” picture

Doing “Andy Warhol” I realized that light hair would have been better but it was fun to experiment different styles and colors. I tried two other pictures before this one but those were too formal and too little contrast even if I added contrast in them.

Apply a sepia look

In Nigel French’s video he represents five different ways of doing the sepia look. I tried all of them to the practice pictures and couple to this one and ended up using Black&White adjustment layer with a tint. It left the background white which I think was nicer.

Split toning of the image

I strucled a bit finding how to do it but finally I got the option in the Bridge. Then it was quit easy to do.

Freestyle: a color effect of your choice.

For the freestyle effect I explored a couple different ones but chose to go with Desaturating in Camera Raw. It has a color effect in the lips done by saturation.







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