LA – Layout, Form and space (week 9&10)

These two weeks are about layout, composition, form and space, symmetry and asymmetry. The first assignment was about the form and space.

“In learning create meaningful compositions, it is important to understand the role of visual perception (the way our eyes and brains make sense of what we see) and its role in visual communication.”A Foundation Course for Graphic Designers Working in Print, Moving Image and Digital Media.  Dapner, Stewart, Zempol. 2014, p. 36.

Figure-ground relationship (negative and positive space):

By rearranging shapes cut out of black paper we had to try to find the point where the figure disappears into the ground. Here’s what I found out:

I first tried it with just using squares. Adding more little squares didn’t help. Figures were still black but adding the volume to the one I had, was more affecting (bottom picture left). What also seemed to be true that if you were able to see any kind of message or form that would make sense to you like arrow or letter form or something that you could explain it made the decision which color was the figure and which one the ground.

Like here the biggest picture could be seen either way black or white as an background (as well as the up right pic)  but I would assume that adding more black would make the black definately the ground but when the figures are squares that forms an arrow it lifts the arrows up and makes the white as an ground. I also tried if it matters if the one or the other colors is placed in the corner. Does that affect which one is the ground color? I think it might a bit but it depends what are the other forms and their relationship. The brain also wants to make sense of what it’s seeing and relate that to something familiar. Like here down on the right corner could be a part of keyboard for piano.

Here’s a bit again to try how covering the corners affect the figure-ground relationship. It seems that if the black figures are not in strong relationship together or/and lots of just small peaces the white stays as a ground longer.



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