LA – Design of Layout in InDesign

The last Learning Activity for these weeks was to design a 4-page brochure for a fictitious travel agent using InDesign. I chose to do a brochure for a travel agent who makes trips to Santorini, Greece. The brochure should be size A5 but it wasn’t restricted which way it should be, so I decited to take advantage of that and turn it as a landscape. It’s in full colors and is filled with fake body text but sensible headings.

For the body text typeface I chose InaiMathi (a sans serif) and for headings Birch Std (serif) and Abril Fatface (serif) for the character style in the beginning of the paragraph.

The pictures are from my trip to Santorini. I tried to focus to make an interesting layout by using same colors and athmosphere for the hole brochure but exploring different layouts and giving contrast by using different colors and size of fonts to provide enough variety to keep it eye catching. The front cover image goes over to the back side and is plend a bit to the background color. Background color is dark enought to take white as an typeface color. Fresh orange and clear turquise comes from the pillows in one of the picture. The orange color continues in the rules above and under the text and also in the “info circle” in the left side of the inside spread. Most of all I tried to keep it simple but still interesting!




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