LA – Print Preparation part 1 (week 11)

The first Learning activity for this week was to make my own printing checklist.


Check that everything has been done as it was asked.
0 Landscape or Portrait?
0 Double-sided or single-sided?
0 What colours: full CMYK, B&W or one-spot colour etc.
0 Will it be printed in a magazine or a newspaper?

0 All the colours are CMYK colours, not in RGB
0 Black / Rich Black: Use standard black for the text and check from the printer if the black background elements should it be rich black.
0 If using spot colours in Photoshop, same colour objects and types are merged on same named layer as the spot colour.
0 UV varnish / coating: check that all the wanted elements are varnished.

Check that the layout is correct.
0 Trim line: None of the elements are outside of trim line.
0 Live area: All the important elements are kept inside this area.
0 Bleed area: Is at least 3mm. All the elements attached to the edge of the bleed area are extended into the bleed area.

0 Check the spelling
0 Check that the font size and style are correct
0 Check all the text is in the grids and aligned correctly
0 Check that no copyrights issues doesn’t excist
0 Check that the fonts are either embedded or send with the file.

0 Check that the pictures have at least 300ppi

0 Check the desired paper GSM
0 Check the size

0 Usually ready to print PDF
0 Package the file with fonts, links and images, if need to make changes

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