GRAP – week 1

GRAP / Project exam, semester 1.

This session is all about working independently with a real client. Four full weeks we are assigned to contact the client, make a description of the products, make a plan for the schedule, follow it the hole process and keep the client-designer relationship. The finished products should be print publications. In the end with the products should be also submited a profile manual which illustrate and describe the use of the product that has been developed and a report. The result should combined learning outcomes from the whole semester.

My client is a Helsinki Figure Skating Club in Finland. The Club offers both single and synchronized skating for boys and girls. The Club was formed in 1960’s as a part of Ice Hockey Club and turned to be an independent skating club in 1972. In the history the Club has many famous single skaters but nowadays the strength is in synchronized skating. The Club has the oldest synchronized skating team in Finland – Rockettes ( which has won many World Championships during the years.

For this season there was a new team called Best Before formed. The connecting thing is that most of the skaters have been skating in Rockettes in the past. They still have the passion for skating, synhronized skating, be part of a team and competing. This team needed a logo and business cards. The Club is also arrainging a competition for synchronized skating teams and they needed an advert for that. The biggist product would be a folder that will have a brochure in the other side and a poster in another. This is designed for the Club’s senior synchronized team Rockettes and will be giving out in the international competitions and the Worlds.

I have gathered some information about the work process here. I kept a journal every day. It’s not everything but to get the idea that the process is getting forward. The final report is much larger.

1 st week:

DAY 1. : Reseach for the Logo and Advertisement:

The first day was all about research for the Logo and advertisement.
Factual reseach: Secondary sources:
Good logo: I started the project by doing a web-reseach about – what is and what makes a good logo? As a result from various sources I ended up that the logo should be simple (the viewer should get the idea in one look), memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.

Good advertisement: In short a good advertisement connects with the audience. All the resources underline that it has to be memorable and the time range is short to make the influence. Knowing your target group you are able to target your message.

Existing logos: Then I continued to search the logos used in Figure Skating in Finland and in the world, in Synchronized Skating, in Sports general and just general logos that are find to be good and working well.

Client profile: I went deeper into the profile of the client. What are they and what do they represent. Besides that they of course want to learn new things, be better and participate the competitions. They all know what does it take to be part of a team but also what it gives. There’s lots of good memories about skating and to be part of the team Rockettes. I also explored the history of the Rockettes and stories behind the team. It gave a couple of ideas for the logo and slogan.

Target group/audience:
For the logo and business card the target group will mainly be all the people who love figure skating mainly in Finland but also internationally. Adults, young sdults but also younger kids. Mostly women but also men. Besides that all the associates like possible sponsors.

For the folder (brochure/poster) the audiance is the audience and competitors in national and international competitions. To be recognized and create interest among the younger skaters and kids to get more younger level skaters. To present this years programs like a teaser and tell about the success of the team to the possible sponsors.

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DAY 2. Research for the business card and brocure/poster.

Today I continued my reasearch for the business card and poster. I explored different folding methods and got some ideas to develop. I cathered the interesting ideas to Pinterest moodboard and from a google search to my laptop.

I also talked with the photographers to agree and let them know what I need for the poster/brochure and with the clients about the expectations of the products. I also contacted one possible printing company to ask what possibalities I would have and what are the expencies. Busy day!


DAY 3. Idea developing for the Logo and slogan

To get all my thoughts together what the team Best Before has on the background I made a mindmap. I gathered all the elements from the reaseach, the pictures I saw, stories I read and heard and the picture I had developed about the team to the paper which created ideas for the slogan and for the logo.

To refresh my memory and to get more ideas I watched the Nigel French Designing a Logo video. I sketched some of my own logos using the same techniques and got some ideas. Type only logo, I tried transparency, line in the logo etc.

I explored what typography has been used by the other teams.

I sketches slogans, hand draw and digitalized alternatives for the logo. I tried to take different approaches to design the logo. Before shutting anything off I tried to think elements that are used for the figure skating and synchronized skating logo, the elements that are not used for the logo and all the tips that we were giving during these courses.

Talking to the client and exploring the altenatives I ended up that the logo should be elegant and simple. The team Best Before wanted to have some kind of (hidden) relationship to the Rockettes if possible. It has to be taking ceriously but the logo could also have some fun meanings or parts.

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DAY 4. Logo idea development / slogan

I continued with the sketches and I showed some of my sketches to my client and got some feedback which way they wanted to go with the logos. When interviewing the client they already gave me the message that they are not that found of the symbols. When showing the sketches it was clear they didn’t like any logo symbols but liked a lot the initials and especially handwritten B:s.

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For the slogan I used the history of the team and picked up and underlined the key words from the mindmap to another separate mindmap. In the end of the process the client chose to go with the Still Strong. They also really liked the “Valovuosien takaa” (if translated it’s something like “behind the years”) which was the name of the first Rockettes’ programs when the team was formed They thought it was funny and clever but it was maybe too abtract in the longer us.




DAY 5. Logo idea development / digitalize the alternatives

The client liked hand written skrip B’s the best. I liked it as well and it suites the sport and the team and I also think that it’s modern and timeless choice. But I wouldn’t have mind to design a symbol for it as well 😉

To get the package ready to show to the client I presented three different choices for the logo using self made cript type. I skanned the hand drawn sketches and traced them using Illustaror. I worked a lot to reduce the unneeded ancher points and to clean the three choices. Still they are not perfect but in the shape that they can be presented to the hole team. I used the research results and explored a bit more which fonts could be suitable with hand drawn letter B. The client got really excited to see the choices and started right away make plans to have some fabric marks to be done for the hole team used in the bags, sweathers etc.

The two curves in the letter B forms a figure skating figures made to the ice – it’s almost like a three turn. The angle is streched like the bottom of the letter and the lines have a strong contrast in the lines – thin in one part and heavier from the other. Looking my moodboard it’s pretty much what I had there as well.

There’s still to be decide which font would match with it and work to be done with the colors. I know the color for the team is silver cray but still has to find the best one.

DAY 6. Continue working with the logo

TYPEFACE: Today I spend time to find the right typeface for the slogan. I used Ariel and Myriad in the sketches but as Ariel is so used I got a bit worried and tried to look some other choices. I really liked the letter R in the typeface Ariel and that will be hard to substitute. I explored which logos have used Ariel and there are well- known logos that use Ariel but they have been modified a bit.

To find a probiate font for the tagline took a while. “Obviously you can’t use all sorts of fonts in all sorts of places. Every font has a distinct story; it has a meaning and stance to manifest.” (Design Bolts) I didn’t need a large family font with different weights. I just needed one perfect one.

I needed the typeface/s to be simple and not pop out or give too much extra charagter to the logo. The handwritten letter B had to be lift up and the tagline and slogan just support that.

I read a lot about the typefaces used in the logos and found out that very suggesfull logos has been made using the most used fonts like Helvetica (Webdesign Nerd Depot) and Arial which was made copying the font Ariel for the Windows (Design Workplan). Agoarding to Wired the font Ariel is concired a lame font. To be fair, there are things to admire about both fonts.

Arial is a direct decedent of Helvetica (“one of the very few perfect fonts,” says Jen). It shares Helvetica’s weight, cuts of certain angles and the smooth curves of the letters. (Wired) I would have love to try font Futiger while it’s quite similar as Myriad but it’s commercial and I didn’t have it. It’s one of the most used fonts by designers (Just Creative). I found some other really interesting fonts too but maybe not suitable for this task.

I explored the X-hight, spacing, stroak weights and contrast of the optional typefaces. They had a big differences. I wanted the name of the team (when used) to fit under the letter B. So it was really important to have a good readability but still quite narrow font. I can always adjust the ledding and tracking but still the font had to be narrow as well.

I had been using only Sans Serif fonts but I still wanted to take a look and explore how a serif font would look in the logo. It looked ok and nice as well and would suite the figure skating curve style but I think for the clarity I will still stick to the more simple sans serif fonts. Just not to compete with the hand written cript letter B. It also looked more clear when looking big or small – near and far.

In the end I went back to the fonts again and made another search about the fonts and contrast used for the taglines. I also searched what’s the difference between the tagline and slogan.


Today I also worked with the color or the colors. All the teams have one color. Best Before has silver cray. So I explored some options. I took my Pantone color samples and found some good choices. I choose the most pure cray – a light one and a darker one to be used in a different situations. I also explored some other colours that could be used with the logo but in the end the client wasnät interested to add any other colour. I explored the logo with gradient and some other effects but the client rejected all of them.



DAY 7. Final tuning and finishing the logo:

Make some parts of the lines a bit bigger. Taking anger points away. Cleaning it up.

After getting some feedback I still explored and tried more different typefaces. It seemed that in this case I was truggling a lot to find the best choice.  In the end I ended up to use Sackers Gothic Heavy and Myriad Pro italic in the tagline. After tuning quite a bit different versions and experimenting with different typefaces this was the result. I got a very happy client that started to order cloths right away and planning all the products that they could use this on. I was happy as well even thought the logo was very simple. It still had all the elements a good logo should have and what my client wanted to have.



DAY 8-10. Folder (Brochure and poster together)

The folder that I designed was for team Rockettes which is the senior team in the Club competing nationally but also internationally. Their coal is to be the 1st in the World again this year. I wanted the folder to be a bit more unordinary, elegant but still it needed to have all the information that my client needed to have. I did quite much work exploring different options and getting ideas that could work for this assignment. In the end I think I was able to deliver what my client expected. Something a bit different still elegant and their style.

The otherside of the folder is more informatic representing the coaches, skaters, contact info, sponsors, etc. The otherside is a poster about this years themes which can be hanged for example to the wall.

Moodboard and for inspiration:

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The model of the brochure I chose to do had to be planed well because it had foldings in different ways.




DAY 9. Brochure

Because of the time difference I haven’t heard from the client yet. So started to prepare the brochure the other ways. I went though the pictures that had been taking from the competition. The pictures were nice but the background they had in the ice ring wasn’t really nice. It had too much color. Let’s see what I can get from them or do to them. I don’t want to change too much of the backgrounds either.

I watched the video of InDesign CD5: Print Production Guidelines – and checked the section how to create a gatefold. But it actually doesn’t help me because this brochure is printed to a A3 paper anyway. But it gave me lots of to think about and refreshed my memory.

Colours: From the research (the material the team already have) I picked up three colours that has been used and wanted to keep the same line to keep the consistency. The black for the background (rich black), white for the text and gold as an effect color – used for example in the logo. I thought also that a bright pink would be nice and effective but it didn’t seem to fit the image of the team.

In the afternoon I talked with the client and they liked both of the options but were worried if the grooving would add cost a lot. We need grooves to the paper and the first option would have more of them (5 all together and the other would have only 3). That might affect the price. They really liked the one that has more foldings but the price is important too. So I needed the information from the printing company.

DAY 10. Poster idea development

I still haven’t got the answer if the groovings will cost more and witch one the client wants to go with. I’m a little bit behind with the schedule as I actually was a little worried already when making the schedule but it’s ok, I’ll work today with the poster and squiize the answer by tomorrow.

So I spent time in pentarest, instagram and google to find inspirations for the poster. I looked mirrors, valkyrie, ballet posters, combine pictures, many pictures, mirrormirror etc. I found some inspiration from the patterns in the wall. (Pinterest Moodboard)

I draw sketches how the poster could look like and it was harder than I was thinking beforehand. It was difficult to combine the photos and the themes in a good way. Too totally different themes.

I discovered couple of things I would be in Illustaror not in Photoshop – like the diamonds with pictures or even in InDesign.

In the end I made same raff digitally sketches. I really don’t know will this work or not 😉

I went though the pictures that had been taking from the competition. The pictures were nice but the background they had in the ice ring wasn’t really nice. It had too much color. Let’s see what I can get from them or do to them. I don’t want to change too much of the backgrounds either.

8 inch bleed, half inch margins. Life guide to master page. (inch before the trim. (-0.25)

DAY 11. (Poster) Brochure

I finally got the answer that it doesn’t cost more. So we can try and go for a bit more complicated folder. I really hope it will work!!

To get the right size, trim marks and folding guides correct I watched the video about the letterfold layout. I also searched a bit more information about the subject while this document was even more complicated than that. I got some information from InDesign Secrets and Printing for Less. I was trying to find out how to do the foldings for two ways.

The compensation didn’t matter to the horizontally but it would matter vertically. “There’s a simple rule for calculating the panel differences: Shorten the fold-in panel by 3/32″ to 1/8″. If the fold-in panel is broadside (two-sheet thickness) or in heavy cover stock, increase the compensation to 1/8″ to 3/16″.” Printing for Less.

It took awile when I figured it out how much smaller the pages really have to be. It says in the InDesign CS5:Printing 8 inch smaller but can’t be true. It’s 20,32 cm using my converter.

Using a guidance from the Youtube (InDesign Fold marks) I created three pages, different sizes, together as an folder. I calculated and made an model which size every page should be. Made the folding marks by hand.

I collected and wrote the text that would go to the brochure. I placed the text and the pictures to the right places and started to create the paragraph styles.


DAY 12. Poster

Moodboard for poster.

I struggled a lot to download the pictures from the giving clouds.

But today I continued with the poster. The client didn’t like the helmet, it looked too Roman she said but she liked the idea of the peaces of the mirror. It would combine the theme with the costumes they had and that was actually the point. The client also wanted to have the peaces of the mirror triangles but it didn’t work for the pictures while it would frame them too much out. So we decited that the peaces without the pictures would be triagles.

I created an arrow using a photoshop and Illustrator. Changed the background to rich black, it worked better. Positioning the good pictures so that they would be seen from the front cover. Fixing mirror peaces. Positioning the headings.

Setting the sponsors. Making a correction to the year and name. Rockettes name is written with lower caps. It looks better that way. Frame to the picture of the team in the black background.

By using the Print check up list I checked that there wasn’t any error, the text was writing correctly. I’m using earlier made preflight for Commercial Print CMYK.

The final product.



DAY 13-14. Advert.

The Advert I designed for the Club. They are arranging a competition next year and needed an advert for that. I chose to use the pictures taking in the first competitions for the advert. After exploring the results of the research I started to sketch some ideas to the paper. Then I chose the best ones and digitalized three options.

For the typefaces I used the same fonts as in the brochure and logo. I used Sackers Gothic Heavy again for the teams. I tried it as well for the heading but it didn’t look good so I ended up using Trajan Pro regular. It suited well the figure skating world.

Advert_examples.jpg             img_6675

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DAY 15. Business card

The Business card was for the team Best Before. supposed to be a standard size business card in Finland. 90X50mm. Landscape world so that it will be easy to put and see in the business card case.

Moodboard for business cards:


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In the end I made the Profile Manual for the Client. It was mostly for the new team Best Before. Here’s some pages of it.






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