LA -Introduction to web design (week 17, part 1)

After the print media the next part of the school year will be all about web design. The first two week we will learn the basics about the web design and the terms of for example the internet, browsers, html and search engines.

First part of the learning activities was to explain these terms:

Internet:  Internet is a world wide network. It’s a network of computers, tablets, cellphones nowadays even ovens and fridges – what ever has an internet connection. The entire Internet is a gigantic, sprawling agreement between companies to intercommunicate freely. The purpose is to share information in a way or another.

HTML: HTML (Hypertext Markup language) is a universal Mark Up language. It uses tags to identify what kind of continent the browser should display. It’s a one of the standard languages to create web pages with CSS and JavaScript.

Browser: Web browser is a computer program that interprets HTML files. To be able to see a webpage you need a browser. The best known browsers are Firefox, Crome, Safari and Explorer.

Search engine: It’s an web page that you use to find information stored on other web pages. The search engine works in different ways. It makes a search on based on a important words, they keep in index of the words they find and where they find it or they allow the users to look for the words or combinations of the words found in that index. Today they can find even hundreds of millions of pages and responds to tens of millions of queries per day. There was search engines already before the Web came to most visible part of the internet. The software robots, spiders, builds up a list of words found on Web sites (web crawling).

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