LA – Introduction to web design (week 17, part 2)

In the second part we were searching from the web 10 great websites and 10 bad websites.

I found that I’m still used to the old navigation system where you can see everything at onces. Nowadays there’s a lot sites that are made so that you have to scroll down to see all the content. It takes time to get use to but I’m not saying it’s a bad thing either. It seems that nowadays it’s already a must!! And those webpages are nicely done and looks amazing.

Here’s my great webpages. I tried to focus that all the information is easy to find and it’s logical to use but these also the ones that I really like the layout. : Clean, simple but still very easy to navigate. Lots of features (blog, shop, Log in, about)  but the home page is still kept simple and informatic. Same kind of site but I liked the top bar to pop out when you scrolled up. The site was even a bit more taken forward with different features but still kept again clean and simple. The colours black and white made it simple but elegant. For me the sites were downloading a bit slow but it’s probably just my difficult Chinese connection. The pictures were used a bit different than usually. I liked that I could see the front page in my laptop was a one interactive picture. It was like a teaser to follow the arrow in the down of the screen and scroll down to see more. It was a perfect fit to the opening screen. I wondered why there wasn’t any side bar to give the headings of the content but there were found from the right corner under four dots and they came big to the screen. It was different than I have seen before.  The important headings were lifted up with a colour. : Same logic in every page. Nice pictures and the feeling in every site. I wanted to pick one that would have a bit more colour and raffness in the webpage. This is not my ultimate favorite but it works nicely. The bakery webpage doesn’t have to be so clean and b&w. Maybe the size of the elements was the thing bothering me a bit. Otherwise nicely done!! : I picked this one because I use it a lot. It’s all in Chinese but it works, it’s easy to use and it’s amazing (and scary a bit) how it’s able to suggest the things I love. Even if it has millions of users and so many products it works well (in China). The visual layout, well, it’s appealing for the local test. I would prefer a bit more peaceful layout. : There’s a lot of going on: advertisements, fashion, news, the pictures changing in the banners but the site is still kept in order and interesting. I like the old fashion way here when the top bar is following and can be seen all the time on the top when scrolling down. : Different kind of site. Even though the subject is interesting as well the site is combining video, sound and text in a nice way. It’s easy to use, interactive and it’s working. : Simple, simple, simple but still interesting way of gategorise the information. : Amazing interactive page with high quality pictures and videos, sound and storytelling. Altogether gets you to a lively journey to the coffee beans. Wow! : Seems to be the concept that is used know. Suits for tablets, mobile phones and laptops. But it works. I use to say that I hate if I have to scroll down on the page but nowadays it’s a must. The information on the page is sectioned nicely using blocks of different sizes and colours. All the main headings are on the top bar but what I don’t like is that the bar disappears and comes back only when scrolling up again. It’s hard to freeze and use it.



And here’s my list for not so good webpages: : I was excited about this but it didn’t work on my computer. It kept going two seconds and started again. On the right the picture didn’t download at all. : Too much of everything. Low contrast, too much colours, too much info in one page. : Some of the pages doesn’t download or there comes an warning that you don’t have an access to it. : It’s anoying that the online clark follows on the side all the time or above the page. There’s a lot of cultural things here that are appreciated here in Asia but it’s not for my eye. I also hate when the opening page opens a new tab. It really excists. Hah all the pictures and links are just put together like in an old fashion cheap magazine advertisement. A joke? Really behind with everything. Mix of everything, no sense of color use at all, poor layout. Must be a fake page connected to CNN but still there’s no logic. The content has been just put to the site and pictures added. There’s no design for the layout, fonts, colours or actually for anything. The picture opens slowly and it’s poor resolution. The proportion is on the left. The good thing is that it has the information about the address, phone number and opening hours. : It’s one page. It has all the information that is need which is the most important thing but it could have a better layour, colours and couple of more pages. The sites are made so that a certain feeling is coming though but everytime you open a page the information is not seen. You have to scroll down to see it. The picture where the shop is should vanish away when opening a different page.

Researches for some of the pages:






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