LA-Create a wireframe (week 18, part 2)

The other activity for the week was to create a wireframe for a website based on and after answering the 10 questions we listed last week. I in one point was thinking of selling tables designed by me from China to Finland/Europe. Haven’t done it yet but now I could think about the webpage for the company.

  1. What is your company about and what are the values?

The company is in retail business, selling design tables in different sizes.

2. What are the requirements and the most important elements you want in your webpage?

The website needs to have good pictures and information about the product, the info that it can be customized, contact info, social media sharing, shop feature, delivery times and terms.

3. What is your target group – what kind of visitors are you expecting on your website? (Consider their income, interests, gender and age.)

I’m expecting to get visitors from young adults to older people which value design, wood. Both genders but a bit more women. People who have a secured income to spend to furniture. People who like design, long lasting furniture, sustainable development, combination of wood and metal and Scandinavian look.

4. Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?

My biggest competitor in Finland would be Artek and Vepsäläinen (which is a design furniture shop selling different brands).

5. Do you have a URL already in your mind and what could be alternatives if that one is taking already?

I do have. I was thinking but I checked and it is taking already. I could then go just

6. Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.

I have to admit that I do like our competitors website
Then I like They have nice pictures of the products, it’s informatic and easy to find everything.
And the thirt would be They have been developing the website all the time more and more visually better looking but easier and nicer to use for the users. They also have easy to use webshop.

7. Do you have marketing material already excisting – a logo, brochures, business cards that the web pages should match to? A brand manual?

No, there’s no logo or any material yet. Although I would like the page to be clean, easy to get the information and the pictures of the product should match the rest of the side well.

8. What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget?

The budget is quite little in this point. Maybe the webshop can be added later. The deadline should be to launch before the summer 2017 – let’s say 30th May 2017.

9. Who will be the contact person for this project? Who will be responsible for maintaining the website? Will the person have the time and skills to do so?

The contact person would be me, unless I’m able to hire another person for the company and I would find him/her competent to take this project on the shoulders.

10. Do you have the material ready including the text and photographs that can be used in the webpages or do you need help with those?

Not in that quality. So the product pictures should be shooted first.

Here’s four different wireframes for the website. I chose to do low end wireframe while I would have started with it anyway. I feel that in this stage I can make changes more easily to the low end wireframe. After this I would do the high end wireframes as well to show them to the customer.


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