Week 21 – Lighting equipments (Photography)

This week we jumped again to photography and lighting equipments and setups. The first activity is to write the answers to the following assigments.

  1. Name three lighting sources and their functions.

The light sources are any number of things that emit light into the scene. It can be available light as sun or tungsten light, or it can be artificial light as flash units. The natural light is a good starting point and it can be used different ways. It’s good to recognize when it’s hard and when it’s soft. It can be used though a window or soften for example shooting through trees. Sometimes it’s good to have more control of the light, it’s amount and direction – and use artifial light. It gives more control how the shadows appear to the object of the photography and how hard the light is.

2. Name two light modifiers and explain the difference between them.

Light modifiers are for example softboxes and umbrellas. In the reflacting ambrella the stroke light is facing away from the shooted object, hits the umbrella and bounces back towards the object. Softboxes are square or rectangular boxes with reflactive inside and a translucent front. The light emitted form the stroke gets reflacted inside the walls of the softbox and diffused through the box’s translucent front. It creates soft but more focused light source.

The difference is that with softbox the spread of the light is more contained. Umbrella is not as controlled as softbox while the light can spread and bounce easily where ever.

3. Draw a diagram of and describe the three-point lighting setup.

The 3 point light setup contains a key light, a fill light and a separation light. Key light is the main light and is the most significance for the scene. If used without the fill light and separation light it could create a dramatic high-contrast effects. That’s why the secondary fill light is used to open up the shadows at the other side of the subject and cut the contrast. The separation light or hair light is used when there’s a dark subject ageans the dark background. It separates the subject from the background, providing outlines.


Question 2

Research assignment

Draw three studio setups for the following subject matters and list all the equipment that you would use to light your subjects:

Portrait light setup:
For the basic portrait setup I would use two softboxes. A small one below and a large one above it. The large softbox is the key light, and if the background is too dark it can also illuminate it. The small softbox is the fill light. I would shoot between the two boxes.

I draw the picture a bit different so that setup of the softboxes can be seen better.



Fashion light setup:

This setup is a basic two light setup. I would use a softbox as a key light and a large reflector.

Fashion lighting

Beauty light setup:

This would be exactly the same as the fashion lighting but I would change the softbox to a beauty dish. This gives a little bit harder light, with greater contrast.



In a magazine or on the Internet, find one fashion shot, a beauty shot and a portrait shot and explain how you think the lighting was set up in each shot.

Portrait shot


I’m guessing in this portrait they are using three light set up. There’s no big shadows on her face and she’s lifted up from the background. The hairlight is on the left side of her in the back, the key light on the left behind the camera and the fill light on the right side behind the camera pointed quite close to her face.









A beauty shot


In this shot I’m guessing that two light set up has been used and because the light is so hard they have used the beauty dish that gives more contrast to the picture. There’s no fill light in the back.





Fashion shot


While basic set for the fashion shot is similar as for the beauty shot but for the key light is used softbox that gives a softer light, I think this is an example of it. The light is most softer than in the beauty shot. The key light is places on the left side of the model, leaving the right side a bit more in the shadow. There’s probably a reflector on the left side a bit further and down than the key light. And a light pointing the lower part of the background.













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