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LA – Point of Sale (week 29)

The fourth and last part for the Mandatory Assignment -07 Branding and packaging was to concentrate to touchpoints and to Point of Sale. We were to design a set of elements that would promote the brand and product in-store. It … Continue reading

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LA – Packaging design (week 28)

This two weeks has been about packaging design for the dog food concept we have created. We learned to consider what’s the purpose of the package: holding the contents, security, protection, convenience, information, marketing. We also learned how to use … Continue reading

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LA – Illustration, Infographic and Brochure (week 27)

This weeks learning assignment was to use the logo I created for the dog food and design a brochure that would include illustrated infographic for the product. The infographic must at least display the nutritious benefit of the product to … Continue reading

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Exploring a different concept and learning with Illustrator

While there was a mix up with the schedules and I did rush to finish my first version of the dog food logo and the concept, I now had a bit more time to start with the week 27 and … Continue reading

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