Exploring a different concept and learning with Illustrator

While there was a mix up with the schedules and I did rush to finish my first version of the dog food logo and the concept, I now had a bit more time to start with the week 27 and also become more comfortable with Illustrator. Now it feels that for the first time I’m actually able to do what I want with it (well almost and there’s still lot to learn but at least get something done).

As I told in the previous post I also wasn’t totally happy with the concept I had come up with so I started to rethink that and came up with an idea of Dog’s Ice cream. That would have been more unique and offered lots of interesting options to point of sale as well. Here’s some experimenting I did with the idea, the logo and concept of “Ice Dog”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I knew that I might not end up using this concept but I wanted to try the logo idea and to use more Illustrator. In simple to learn more and get more feedback why and why not!!! There’s a lot I know and it’s easy to criticize ready made work but do it myself from the scratch, it isn’t that easy.


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