LA – Illustration, Infographic and Brochure (week 27)

This weeks learning assignment was to use the logo I created for the dog food and design a brochure that would include illustrated infographic for the product. The infographic must at least display the nutritious benefit of the product to dogs and it should contain the nutritional value, as compared to the necessary nutrition intake of dogs. It should also give an indication of consumption per size of dog.

In the end I decided to keep my original idea and continue working with the logo. I did renew the idea and concept behind the brand a bit before continuing to this weeks infographic and brochure. I think this made it stronger and felt much more focused now.

Originally the idea came from the coffee brands and shops. I wanted to create a brand that would offer gourmet food – organic, healthy, and natural ingredients – to dogs. A brand that would indicate that if you buy this product you can count on it that we know the ingredients and the process how it’s made and it’s healthy for your dog. The main target group is the hipsters that follow the trends and wants know what they are consuming but also everyone who loves their dogs and wants to give healthier food for them.

The brochure could be printed to the recycling paper. The logo has the hearth as a mark and promise of the healthier food for the dog. The typeface in the logo has been selected so that it’s relaxed, has character and goes to the target group.

For the infographic I searched what kind of information should be added to the brochure, different ways of showing the information and what would be suitable typefaces for the brochure. After several sketches I picked the ones I liked the most and planned the structure for the brochure. I decided to do simple double sided A4 that would fold to A5 size. I wanted the middle page to be more like a map or one big infographic picture than a brochure with two clear pages. I think that went best to this concept.






I will still try the recycled paper but it might not work here.

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