LA – Point of Sale (week 29)

The fourth and last part for the Mandatory Assignment -07 Branding and packaging was to concentrate to touchpoints and to Point of Sale.

We were to design a set of elements that would promote the brand and product in-store. It could combine any amount of elements and there wasn’t any restrictions for the budget nor the space to use. The other part was to create a Brand Manual for the brand.

My product “Dog Healthy Food” will be sold mostly or especially in pet shops. I decided that the product should be sold in the front so that everyone can clearly see it when entering the shop but also while going to the cashier (if they have missed it or are still thinking about buying it it’s easy to do the purchase decision.)

Please consider the following:

  1. Can customers clearly see your product in your Point of Sale elements? – Yes, when entering the shop everyone can clearly see the product table and the banderols help to catch the customer’s eyes.
    Do you use your Point of Sale to also showcase your actual product? – Yes, the packages are on the table (the packages have a window where the food can be seen) and there’s a bowl full of tasty, healthy samples of “Dog Healthy Food”.
  2. Brand Integration
    Does it integrate with the brand’s look and feel? – Yes, the banderols have the same elements, typefaces and colours as the package, logo and brochure.
  3. Designed to sell!
    Does it persuade customers to buy your product? – Yes, I truly think so. The brand is sold in a shop where people who care their pets usually shop. The dogs can taste the product if they want, the brand stands out from the other brands in the shop and from the other dog food brands. The banderols catch your eye and the product can easily seen under them.




Part B was to create a brand manual for the brand.
Take pictures of your elements and include them in a presentation of your brand called a brand manual or a design manual. Your brand manual should have a minimum of 7 pages and include logo, color scheme and chosen typography as well as the different elements produced during this 4 week project period (brochure, infographic, packaging, point of sale).
Here’s the brand manual.




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