To wrap this second semester we were to make an interactive portfolio. To collect and present all this semester’s Mandatory Assignments I created an online portfolio. It was supposed to represent us as an designers.  That’s why it’s kept simple, colours turquoise, white and black and the fonts easy to read. It holds the web design project for made a made up bakery (MA-05), photo essay to portrait a person (MA-06) and branding and packaging assignment for a dog food brand (MA-07).

The portfolio can be found here.

Looking back the semester it has been partly really challenging but also rewarding to learn new skills. HTML, CSS, PHP and new programs Dreamweaver, Atom, WordPress and CMS world has kept me busy. I really like the web world and it has shown a totally different angle of graphic design.

It was nice to hear that my photo essay was liked and I got some good feedback from it. I think it was partly that I had a clear vision what I wanted to tell and a good story behind the task but also the knowledge I have gotten about the positioning, lighting, framing etc. of the images.

Branding and packaging could have started a bit better with a stronger name and concept but I think in the end I got it together nicely and kept the brand image consistent keeping the target group in mind. It was a long process. I especially liked learning to make the packaging layout and 3D models and of course the infographic & brochure.


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