WEBP – Project description and schedule

To end the second semester (for me as a part time student the second year) of our Graphic Design studies, we were to do a Project Exam. This time it’s interactive – a website to a real client that we were to find our selves. I chose to work with a small accommodation business located in the middle of the German Alps, Berchtesgaden.

Business and concept:

Burmesterhaus is family owned business in the Alpts of Berchtesgaden, Germany. It has five modern, well-equip and different sizes apartments to rent. It’s located to the area where’s a lot to do and see. There’s historical and cultural sites and lot of outdoor activities all year around.


The owners want their customers to feel themselves welcomed and enjoy the house as they would be at home. The guest will always have clean, functional and cosy rooms with modern decoration.

Sustainable development – The owners spend a large amount of money to renovate and resquire one of the first hotels, build in 1860, in the village. They kept all the possible old parts like the wooden floors and mirror doors which they could find. A lot of it was destroyed in the renovation done in the 1960‘s. The house is now heated with modern district heating which uses biomass – burning wood – logging waste. They also use solar energy to warn the water.

The owners value each customer relationship. They have time to talk with their customers and give advices – already before traveling to the area and while staying in the guesthouse. Different cultures and people are warmly welcomed and their present is a joy. The owners will be hosting the guests them selves, they know the area well and are able to give tips and suggestion what to do in the area.


Burmesterhaus will keep the warm welcoming, ecological and small guesthouse image also in the future but would like to establish good reviews, mouth to mouth word and warm place to be among it’s old, present and future guests. That requires good and customer oriented communication and easy to find the information. The brand and concept has to be build on the elements mentioned in the profile.


First of all all the outdoor people who but also people who likes culture and history. The target group is 25-70 years old couples or couples who are friends and travel together, families with teenagers or older kids already. It’s good also for 10-14 people groups while you can share the common areas and pop-up kitchen.

If you categorize the cost for the accommodation, Burmesterhaus would be the lowest range in the highest category. It’s not for the audience who seeks the low budget accommodation.

Why I chose this customer:

I had a good situation while I had several options where to choose from. The first choice didn’t work out while I didn’t get the answers to my questions by the deadline. The owners from the Burmesterhaus were right away interested and applied the information I needed to get to know to their needs and hopes. So the biggest part was the communication but also the genuine joy to help a small business anyway I can. I know their daughter and she was the one who gave me the tip to contact them.

Troubleshooting (Products):

  • Booking form from the landing page

  • Descriptions of the apartments that are for booking

  • Tips for travelers

  • News

  • Short history of the house and portrayal of the hosts.

  • The activities (what to do) in different seasons.

  • Location and how to get there.

  • Facebook and Instagram links

Then these would be nice to have as well said the customer:

  • Image gallery (possibility for the guests to add photos maybe too)

  • Tripadvisor -comments embedded to the website

  • Somehow a grouplink where plans for the trip could be done

Brief style statement: The customer don’t have print material, logo nor a brand manual yet. They are open to suggestion but I need to discuss more how they see their business and brand and what direction to go with the style.

Date of completion / submission: 24.2. 2018




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