WEBM – week 1

The first week (two weeks for half time studies) has been about research, idea development, sketching and starting with the wireframe. I set up the project site in Trello and we are testing if it’s a functional project management environment for our project. We went through with the client the content of the site and the sitemap was made.

After customer interview and getting the feedback with my 10 question sheet, I gathered the information to the mindmaps. I made a research for example about the 1860’s typography, German typographers, looked for the colors that has been used for the Burmesterhaus, explored different travel webpages etc.

After this the sitemap was sketched, made and modified a bit after getting feedback from the customer.


The moodboard for the website. It contains inspirations pictures, typography from 1860’s when the Burmesterhaus was build and different websites that either the client or I found useful and inspiring as a travel/accommodation website. The website has to have the feeling of Alps, outdoor activities, old history but also modified features and comfortable staying. The owners want the Burmesterhaus to be home away home for everybody so the website has to be easy to access, use and navigate. It will have quite a lot functions, which will be a challenge to me.



Low-end wireframe sketches for the front page of the website – starting with simple ones: photo, logo, navigation manubar, footer and ending up with scroll down home pages with more content in them.

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I picked up the best ideas that I thought would work the best for this customer and digitalized them. After getting the feedback I got the feeling that the customer liked scroll down home page that would have a bit more clickable information and featured images already in the front page.

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There has been lot to do and it’s been busy but it’s a good start and I’m excited to see how the hole project is developing.






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