MA- 00

The second year and third semester began with a Mandatory Assignment. We were to reflect our development as a designers and show what we have learnt during so far. The outcome should be an infographic and artists’ statement.


The infographic should be spacious, full-colour, visualisation of the Graphic Design course structure. The level of detail and structure was left open.  The point is to reflect on my current skill level and where I want to be heading.

I was first thinking that I would do it online as an interactive map. It’s something that I might do it later if there’s a change but now in this first step I created my Design journey relating to a Pictionary board game. After my idea process – mindmapping and sketching – I liked that idea while, even though taking these courses are definitely not a game, we are drawing every week trying to express ourselves different ways in a giving timeframe. So I created a new garaghter to the game – me. A brush that has my hair and lila outfit. In the end I had two versions of the layout and chose to have the first. Infographic should be informative, simple to read and the most important things should catch your eye first. I thought the first one was a bit more clear and organized.

It has all the courses, my gained skills and reflects the skills I have learned during the first semesters in Noroff. I used Illustrator and InDesign to accomplish the task. The colours reflects the Pictionary’s colours and for the fonts I found Goude Old Style, Noteworthy for the headings and then I used Myriad Pro for the body text.

GRA2_ FM2GD3111_Assignment00_ Design_Journey_ PauliinaViinikanoja_26.08.2018_Page_2

Artists’ statement

After that we were to create our artist’s statement. For that I read a few webpages to get some idea what it could include.

GRA2_ FM2GD3111_Assignment00_ Design_Journey_ PauliinaViinikanoja_26.08.2018_Page_3



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