LA – Sketching techniques (week 4 part 2)

The last three exercises from the five was to sketch spheres using different techniques, to watch the video and complete it’s exercises and design an illustration for a poem.

Sketches – Here’s my sketches for the spheres. Using my graphite, eraser, eraser putty and blending stub I used the following techniques: hatching and cross hatching, blending, rendering, squiggly lines and cross contour lines.

Sketching2_2 Exercises – I watched the Adobe Illustrator video on and completed the exercise files. Here’s one of them. With a pen tool, single line to draw a key (plus the circle in the middle). There was a lot old information in the movie already but a lot to repeat as well and to make the routines smoother, quicker and more consistent. And of course new tricks and ways of doing as well.


Illustration for a poem – I don’t have a set of my favorite poems that would inspire my in my daily life but I do have one that I have used and is special to me. It’s a children’s poem and it’s about being very small. Here’s the link to the Finnish version of the poem.

I wanted to have an open mind and try different things when doing this exercise. I used different brushes, pencil and shape tools. I can feel that I’m getting more and more consistent when working and can find the solutions how to proceed.

I couldn’t find the translation so here’s the poem in English translated by me and google translator.  

When you’re really small
you can fly with the down of the bird,
sleep under the leave of pansy,
when you’re really small.

When you’re really small,
you can swing in the swinging hay,
rest in the fragrant flower,
when you’re really small.

When you’re really small,
you can sit on the snowflake and
join the wind to the world,
when you’re really small.
(Hannele Huovi)

The small tree do not know yet about the storms,
the small tree doesn’t still tolerate the storm.
Large tree protect the small tree,
so that the roots can grow stronger.


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