LA – Typography (week5-6, part 3)

It has been intensive two weeks watching videos over 9 hours and doing the exercises. Some of the videos were familiar from the Graf 1 but there’s so much details and things to remember that it’s good to repeat. We concentrated to typography, it’s history, when to use what and what are the nyancies that differaits the typefaces. The other part was about InDesign – how it works, what are the things to speed up your workflow, what has to be taking into consideration when adding text, images, objects so that it’s readable and appealing to the viewer etc.

Question 3

  1. Complete the exercise files that came with the Lynda video Indesign Typography.

Here’s some screenshots of the exercises that I made Indesign Typography Part 1 and 2. (Foundation of Typography with Ina Saltz didn’t include giving exercises but a lot of useful tips to use for the Mandatory Assignment 1, Magazine.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2. Use your design software to design a newspaper front page. Pay special attention to typography (size, leading, column width, etc.).

Here’s link to my newspaper front page.

3. Use your design software to design a double-page spread (DPS) for your favourite magazine. (Look at an example of a DPS here.)

Here’s linkto my double-page spread.

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