Week 9 – Product Photography

  1. Draw up a list of the most important aspects of a product photograph. Refer to shadows, lighting, quality, ISO and editing in your answer. Mention at least five things.

– The light is the key. More light, the better pictures and soft light works better than hart light. Use a light box or soft boxes to reflect the light through a light white fabric. – Position the lights so that the shadows are soft and from the wanted angle.
– Be sure that the object is in focus and sharp. Otherwise the image is useless.
– ISO should be in minimum. Ideally it should never be higher than 100.
– Choose your F-stop quite high so that the hole product is in focus.
– That will affect the shutter speed so that a use of tripod would be wise. The shutter speed should be still over 1/8 otherwise the camera can pick up a bit of grain.
– Editing the images should be kept in minimum. You might want to crop the images, clean up unwanted marks with the healing tool, you can do some sharpening and adjust the levels. That’s it. If you need more, you should think to shoot the image again.

2. Make your own DIY light tent.

3. Take product photographs of the following objects:

  • Something fluffy, like a stuffed animal
  • Something shiny, like a knife and fork
  • Something hard, like a book or a mug
  • A liquid, like a glass of wine.

4. Draw a diagram of your lighting scenario for each of the above photographs and submit it along with the photographs.

5. Edit your photographs with the software of your choice. Write an accompanying paragraph for each of your photographs and explain what you did during the editing process.

Here’s the images.

Something fluffy. I cropped the image and adjusted the levels a bit. I feel that the light worked best inside the light box but reflecting from the ceiling fabric.

Something shiny. I cropped the image and adjusted the levels a bit. The background is still a cray. Now afterwards I feel that the lights both sides were not enough – even though after taking the shot I thought it would look ok.

Something hart. I cropped the image and adjusted the levels a bit. The light above the box was not quite effective enough. Otherwise I like the image, there’s no big shadows.


Something liquid. I cropped the image and adjusted the levels a bit.
The light right next to the camera worked the best here.




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