Week 11 – Strategic Design 2, Vital Identity/packaging design (part 1)

Learning Activity – Having fun with brand identity

Design strategy takes form in life

Watch the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” (The official title is “POM wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”) and answer the following questions

Having fun with brand identity                                2 days

  1. Do you think the movie provides insight or detail into what drives product placement in entertainment?
    If so, what have you learnt from that? If not, how would you change aspects of the movie to reflect insight on this?
    I think the movie does provide insight why the companies wants to be partnered with movies and entertainment. It’s a great opportunity for the companies to promote their products when or if the target group for the movie is right and it fits to their values. It’s a paid commercial for them. Then again the entertainment companies benefit from it while they get the money from the companies to finance their project.
  2. What have you observed about presentations of visual strategies/brand identity?
    First you have to know what the brand is, what it represents and what the values are. Then you can start to build the brand identity around it. The brand identity is something that is all the time present and crowing. You have to make right choices for the brand to build steady, strong and firm brand.The presentations have to be in line with your brand values and identity and it has to be seen everywhere. Like Morgan Spurlock was first finding out what he and a brand is about and then creating adds that represented him and choosing the right places to show them. Spurlock also used several storyboards to tell the client how he would do the commercial tv add for them. Used pictures to show how the add would look like. Used his verbal skills to explain how it’s all about just their product (only their bottles would show in the movie, all the other ones would be blurred out.)
  3. Let’s consider this movie as a form of research. In other words, it was done to see what the effect of branded entertainment would be, a case study of sorts. What are your findings? What have you learnt? What has changed your pre-conceived ideas? Do you think there’s relevance in this case study? How could you apply your observations in real life?
    I think I will look more carefully how the product placement in the entertainment business is made. It’s true that it starts to be so common that you can’t even notice it. And it’s scary to realize that someone else can manipulate us so much and case bad feeling or compulsive obsession to get things.I also was wondering how the energy put to the movies is changed. With co-promotion the focus changes from doing a great movie to chasing the companies. And what if you can’t get the right companies with you? Would you take the money and settle with companies that aren’t the perfect fit? The companies have more and more control over the movies. It’s all about the money! Then again from entertainments few of business, as Spurlock said in the movie, if you need a car why wouldn’t it be curtain brand if it fits to your needs and values.But the biggest interest is the companies like Netflix which are turning the advertising in entertainment business around and changing it for good. They don’t pay big money for the companies anymore for the licencies. They started to do their own series and they don’t use adds in their shows. “It’s like Itunes for music.” They get their money from the subscriptions. Now big companies like Chipotle are starting to do their own movies as well. It’s turning around. Companies are stepping to new territories, handling and controlling it their own. There’s more and more “real” articles about world issues but they could be founded by for example Netflix and it’s about the same genre and their new series are or will be.
  4. From the findings above (question 3) imagine that the international coffee brand, Starbucks, is your client. Give one complete strategy for a small activation campaign to advertise Starbucks on aeroplanes. Give one idea of how you would do this, by following the 5 steps of the work process. To guide you, follow the points below and do a write-up of your idea as well as the steps you followed:

Conduct research – you can visit the website http://www.starbucks.com as part of your research. Also think of quick research methods, such as surveys done on family and friends.

Starbucks Mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. The values are to create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. To act with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect. Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. To offer the best coffee possible and highest standards of quality, using ethical sourcing practises. The Starbucks coffee stores are a neighborhood gathering places for meeting friends and family.

What is activation campaign? A brand activation is any campaign, event, or experience that enables your brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service. Activations, often inclusive and interactive, ignite the fire that will light the way for people to find your product and align with your purpose. by cramer.com

What is touchpoint? It can be defined as any way a consumer can interact with a business. So it can be a Twitter campaign as well.

Earlier campaigns: Red cup campaign and tweet a coffee were great. awario.com

Clarify the strategy – Once you’ve conducted quick research, do a write-up of your findings and create your own brief.

Client: Starbucks
Earlier advertisement campaigns: Red cup, tweet a coffee were great to activate people.
Rewards program: Get points/starts, free refills,
What: A small activation campaign to advertise Starbucks on aeroplanes. Interactive, engage directly with consumers.
Target group: one by one everyone flying in the airplanes. Active as many passengers as possible.

Design the identity – Here you do not need to go into lengthy design, but create sketches of your ideas and remember to think about the movie for inspiration.

Create touchpoints – As this is a focused campaign, you may have one touchpoint only; describe how you would activate your campaign using this touchpoint. If you need to, you may do sketches that would aid your communication.

I would launch a campaign to take photos and post them with a #Starbucksflying when flying in the air and posing with a Starbucks cup. For every picture you can get a buy 1, get 1 free when they next time buy from Starbucks.




Manage the assets – As this is not a prolonged campaign, briefly describe how you would use the possible outcome of your campaign for future use. Also state what your follow-up steps would be to strengthen your message. For example, you’ve done research and decided to give free vouchers along with every boarding pass handed out. How would you collect feedback from consumers or how would you communicate to them at the airport, on the flight, etc. to support your campaign?

When people take pictures of themselves and with a Starbucks cup giving by flight attendance or taking from the Starbucks on the airport, they get buy 1, get 1 free with the next purchase in the Starbucks. They just have to download their app to get it.

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