LA – Introduction to Fashion Photography (Week 19)

Question 1  (Written assignment)

In your own words, describe the procedure of planning a fashion shoot.

The concept is the main key behind everything. You should also have a storyboard, mood board (for etc. make-up, hair, wardrobe, location), choose the right model/s, look and choose the right location, make shotlist and schedule, choose the stylist and make-up+hair artist. In the photoshoot direct the models with their body moves and expressions.  Keep the schedule and delegate the crew to look after their part of the job!

What are the stylist’s duties?

The stylist is responsible for the costumes and props. They are usually involved with planning the ideas and the concept and will source the latest fashions accordingly. The stylist is also responsible that the costumes fit and arrives at the shoot on time.

List your duties as photographer

  • Have a strong concept behind everything
  • Create a mood board
  • Create a storyboard
  • Go location scouting
  • Make a shotlist
  • Choose a model if necessary
  • Appoint a stylist, a hair  and make-up artist
    In the photoshoot:
  • Keep the time schedule!
  • Ensure lightning is in order
  • Communicate with model/models to get the best expression
  • Ask the crew to take care of their part of the tasks so that you don’t have to look if the make up or hair is still off or if the costume if not fitting right. 

What equipment would you take along on the Alice in Wonderland shoot that was featured in this module?

For the Alice in Wonderland shoot I would bring the camera body with different lenses (50mm lens, wide angle and macro), extra batteries (and changer) and memory cards, reflectors to reflect the natural light. I would also take the light set if I need extra light. The costumes, props and other items needed for the photo are delegated to the stylist.

Find an editorial fashion spread in a fashion magazine. Explain what you think the concept was, what equipment they used and how the location affected the concept.


The concept is Leap of Faith – refuses to play it safe, superhero, play it cool, touch places and still cool look, keep it together. The feel is like in Merry Poppins. Anything is possible.

The set up is quite unusual. They captured the Swedish actor Alicia Vikander with balletic grace in a Louis Vuitton cloths in the air “flying” 50 feet from the ground. The location was important while they needed a crane to lift Alicia to the air. She was hanging from the harness and posing in the air like she would be floating in the air. To the background they had a big white sheet that they shooted against. You can definitely see that the sun lights from the up of the model but they probably used big lights up high to get the sunlight more even on her face. The model has feminine postures and a bag in her hand in every picture. It gives the photo dimensional and the other hand a purpose and place to be. The background to be seen in the end picture is put there afterwords and the model is cropped to the photo from the white background.


Question 2      (Practical assignment)

1. Watch the tutorial on Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Editorial Assignment

  • Plan a Snow White themed fashion shoot.
  • Create a mood board for hair, make-up and fashion.
  • Create a storyboard
  • Create a shot list
  • Create a timeline for the shoot day


Fashion shoot  Snow White
 Redwood State Park

Time on set: 14:00

Team on set:

  • Make-up Artist: Anna
  • Fashion Stylist: Elina
  • Hair Stylist: Megan
  • Photographer: Pauliina Viinikanoja
  • Assistant: Elle
  • Model:

Equipment needed:

  • Wide angle, macro and 50 mm lenses
  • Camera body
  • Memory cards
  • Battery chargers
  • Light set
  • Diffuse boxes
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