LA -An Introduction to Postproduction (week 20)

This weeks learning activity was about postproduction and your workflow backing up of your photos. Then we needed to finish the Photoshop CC 2017 Essentials Training exercises.

First activity was to draw a diagram of my preferred workflow and explain why you take certain steps. Here’s the diagram of the workflow.


I transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer using the cable while I don’t have an external disk reader. I have used Image capture in MacBook Pro because it has worked best and I feel I can easily organize and make the folders I want the photos to go and it’s quite fast. I make a back up to the cloud service (WDMyCloud). Then I work in Bridge to select and sometimes to rate the photos and in Camera RAW and in Photoshop to edit them. In the end I save the edited versions to the cloud service as well. I used to save them to the external hard drive but I lost some photos while they broke easily so we switched to cloud service.


Create a checklist for your workflow:

  • Transfer from disk to computer.
  • Name the files accordingly.
  • Take back up to cloud service.
  • After that you can delete the original ones from the camera.
  • Look and rate them in the Abode Bridge.
  • Make adjustments in Camera Raw.
  • Make adjustments in Photoshop.
  • Save the edited files also to cloud service.
  • Use jpg for web and tiff or pdf for print.

Take a screenshot of your folder structure.

My folder structure in the cloud service could be still a bit more organized but I’m working on it. You just have to be careful while moving large files from folder to folder afterwards that nothing won’t get lost and everything gets to the new folder where you want it to be.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 10.15.02 PM

Explain why creating backups are so important.

It’s important to take the back ups while your computer, internal or external drives can fail and broke. You would loose all your photos. Cloud services are pretty good while you can access them almost anywhere and they won’t be destroyed for example in the fire.

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