Semester 3 – Portfolio

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 6.35.41 AM.png

In the end of the third semester we were asked to gather all the Mandatory assignments to a new portfolio. It was not recommended to use the old one but instead create something new again.

This time I didn’t want to use WordPress theme to create one while I had worked much with different themes and creating new child themes with it a lot lately. I wanted to create my portfolio almost from the scratch and get my CSS skills stronger.

I chose the cover picture from the semester assignment that wasn’t used in the Mandatory assignment. I kept the overall look similar what I have had in my portfolio earlier. Each assignment had cover picture and the rest of the design was clickable from the link.

Lesson learned. Unfortunately when I transferred the material using Dreamweaver and FileZilla I made a mistake and didn’t consider that the folders should have not gone folder above. It was working in my computer but as I found out later, didn’t in the other ones. Now it’s fixed and here’s the site:


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