Week 21 (Motion Design)

We opened the new year by going into the world of motion design.

There had been some crude methods used to create the illusion of the moving image but it was not until around 1895 when the motion pictures were introduced and when the camera was invented.  Capturing a moving image one frame at a time.  That’s how film and animation started, using the art of stop motion.

Motion design is a sequence of moving images. Knowing the history of filmmaking and motion pictures, is important for motion designers. Motion design, in its most simplistic definition, would be defined as non-narrative, non-figurative based visuals that change over time. Unlike animation and filmmaking.

This weeks first assignment was to finish the exercises in the giving video After Effects CC2018 Essential Training:Motion Graphics. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The learning activity for the week was to play with the ideas and create and sketch a new title sequence for a movie you love. The storyboard should be at 30 frames and at least 1minute of motion design.

For the movie I chose Pretty Woman. It’s THE movie from the youth that I use to watch several times. I love the atmosphere, how the life can change or suddenly something unexpectable can happen if you just your eyes open and open yourself to new things.

Here’s the open sequence for the Pretty Woman that I redid in my sketching.
Here is the new design and sketches for the opening sequence for it.



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