Week 23 – Animation principles

This week we focused on animation principles. Unlike in 3D animation, motion design is not thought as classic animation but the principles of animation still apply to Motion Design as well.  A team of original senior animators from Disney analysed their work process and broke that process down into 12 techniques that became a basic toolset when animating. These tools help to make the character more alive and not that flat.

Our weekly activity was to create a character. This character can be a letter, a person, an animal or any type of illustration, use your imagination. This character will play the main role in your animation.

Take this character and draw it in five different exaggerated poses. In each of these poses the character has to express some kind of emotion (like love, anger, dislike, distaste, happiness and so on). Keep the animation principles in mind when you draw your character.

I draw two type of characters. First one was a letter P and the second one a face of a girl.

We also continued with the LinkedIn video about After Affects. Complete the Exercise Files from the Lynda.com video After Effects CC Essential Training by Alan Demafiles (chapters 7 – 8).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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