Week 28 (part 4) – Applying Philosophy to Design 2

Learning activity

The study of theory on a subject is important, but for a designer the study should not end with the analysis and discussion thereof. It only really becomes useful when we can use it successfully in our work and daily lives. What does the theory teach you and how can you apply this?
Refer back to your use and application of design fundamentals and watch the course:
Drawing Vector Graphics by Von Glitschka

In the previous lesson we touched on creating thumbnails, when watching this lesson’s video, pay careful attention to the section on preliminary or rough sketching out of ideas.
Design a book cover for a thriller book called “The Fall of Imagination” by Sam Wan. This book does not exist and is open to your interpretation as to the subject matter.
  • It must be designed by clearly drawing inspiration from a previous design style.
  • The size of the cover must be A5 and it should include a front, spine and back.
  • The cover must contain a simple vector illustration that forms the basis of the design.
  • The cover must contain the title and the name of the author.
Publish your design as a PDF document.
My version for the book cover
Although I felt that the time was running out again after watching all the videos and learning new little tricks about making posters and Illustrations, I made three different version for my book cover. In all of them the style arises from Swiss Style. The typography is sans serif Helvetica. The text is kept simple and can be read easily. The colors are from that era, bright clean red, blue, black and white. All of them has simple elements, the last one has a brain made in Illustration.

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