Week 29 — Screen Based Design 2 – Module 1 Overview

Learning activity 1 – Creating a Brief

I want you to take on a client. I then need you to have a meeting with your client and create a very detailed brief. This brief should contain all the information that will be needed to achieve the client’s requirements.
Your brief should cover these sections:
  • What is the client’s service/product?
  • What are their requirements?
  • What is the website’s goal?
  • How are you going to achieve this goal?
  • Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)
  • What is the design style that will be required?
  • What are your suggestions for marketing the site?
The brief should be good enough to hand over to any design/programming team and get a great result.


Creating the Brief

I chose to interview a friend of mine who’s making earrings and jewelry.


▪ What products/services you have?
I sell hand made earrings and other jewelries

▪ How do you achieve your goals?
Make a lot sales.

▪ What are the keywords that represents your business?
Unique, Finnish design, hand made.


▪ How’s your target group?
People, that like unique hand made statement jewelries

▪ Who are your competitors?
Cheap China look a like factory made..

▪ How do you differ from them?
I make myself every piece of them.

▪ What are your goals with the website?
To get name well- known jewelries artist.

▪ How are you going to achieve these goals?
Make jewelries.

▪ What are your other requirements for the website?
Easy to use and find what people are looking for. Beautiful design. Design that is in same line with jewelries.

▪ What experience should your customers be left with after visiting your website, what style do you want?
That it was easy to use and harmony.

▪ What content should your website have? You can also describe or draw website architecture so that I can see what sections will be needed:
Pictures, background of every design, prizes, my history, contact information, shipping.

▪ What colors would you like to see on the website, what definitely not?
Bright orange is big no. Harmony colors, that are not jump in a focal points in the website. Colors and background themes, that gives uplift to the subjects that I try to sell.

What are your suggestions for marketing this website?


Learning activity 2

Providing Your Own Hosting Service

This learning activity is to acquire your own hosting service. This hosting service will be needed throughout the rest of your studies, and this Learning Activity is therefore mandatory.
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