Websites and Business Strategies Part 1 —(week 30)

After this week we are able to:

  • Explain what a business strategy is
  • Understand why business strategies are important
  • Realize that the business strategy affects the domain name and hosting solutions
  • Understand the importance of reaching the target audience
  • See the link between budgets and time management
  • Understand that the back-end can affect the budget
  • Come up with a web design strategy


The material included the Noroff lessons and after that we watched two LinkdIn videos.

The first one was giving advices and went thought the process of planning, thinking, designing and building a website. What needs to be taking into consideration without going too deep and details of the front or back end design.
Web Design Fundamentals by James Williamson (3h 38m)
The other one was more about building a business Strategy:
Online Marketing Foundations by Brad Batesole (4h 43m)


The learning activity for this week was:
Coming Up With a Strategy

Set up a meeting with a business owner and ask him/her what he/she would want from a website. Also ask him/her what the business strategy is and how the website would fit into it. Then write a detailed document about this.

I would like you to use the information from this document and create a website architecture.

Now let’s focus on the web design strategy. Your document should justify all the major decisions you make – from the domain registration, hosting, design and target audience through to what you decide in terms of programming.

Business strategy

I have been thinking awhile if I should register my own company after finishing these studies. I haven’t had too much time to think about it so in this activity I decided to take advantage of the  assignment and think it through while I also will be needing the website for it. This is also still very sketchy and experimenting different programs and styles of working at the same time.  

While our last name is Viinikanoja, it can be translated if you use the syllables right as a vine chicken. The name for the company could be Winechicken design. It’s memorable, awakes attention and has a relationship to our last name. The business strategy is to sell high quality, well thought graphic designs where the customer is heard and can be a part of the decision process.

The target group is small and mid size companies from different areas. 

The focus is also to offer packages including variety of different products. You could combine logo, website and brand manual or logo and motion designs. The packages are labeled and priced. That’s how the customers could pick what package suits for them and rest could be done by hourly cost. 

While the company is a start up, the cost for the marketing should be low and the website should be kept low cost as well.

How the website would fit into it?

The website should represent me as a designer. It should have the information about the packages the customer is able to choose and buy. It should also include pictures and stories about previous work to convince the customer that they will get what is promised and to show a bit what the style has been previously. The website should also include the contact page, introduction about me and other designers into future if and when I have employed ones. It could also have a link to a blog where our designer could post articles and keep the conversation active. Of course the website should have social media links to share the website and articles.      

The overlook should be clear, modern and easy to experience. The navigation should be obvious and well thought. The pictures should be similar in their mood and well organized and named thinking of SEO. The colors should be smooth, not too bright but still inspiring and appealing. 


The domain for the website would obviously be if it’s available. A quick search at least shows that it should be. The business is not pointed to one certain location or customers from certain area. Otherwise I could have thought to use .fi, .no or the country code. If not too expensive, I would also take the most popular domain names .org and .net just that no one else would use them and could drown my customers. 


Myself I have been fairly satisfied hosting service. We had our trouble in the beginning and had to contact them about my plan but ever since I haven’t clicked any coming newsletters and extra promotions, I have avoided extra charged as well. I don’t have experience from other hosting services, so I could check those still just to compare what the other ones have to offer and in what price.

As said in the side, there’s two types of websites — static or basic websites and dynamic websites. In this case, I would go with dynamic website while the previous cases and customer projects are updated quite frequently. I would use Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress to be able to execute this. 

In the Smashing Magazine 2, Sketching, Wireframing & Prototyping

Written by Janko Jovanovic, it’s commented that Skipping the wireframing process can have drastic consequences. By jumping straight into Photoshop and providing stakeholders with ready-to-implement mock-ups, you are making them focus on visual and aesthetic details instead of structure and functionality.”

Here’s the site plan for the website.

Front-page: Creative picture or picture of the products, intro what we do and what’s the company about.
Product-page: The example packages with text and pictures,
Case-page: Previous cases represented with pictures and text. Can be clicked and opened for further information.
Intro-page: What the company is about and introduction who I am.
Contact-page: Name, Address, phone number, email address and send a message form.
Header on the side: Company logo, navigation bar, social media logos.

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 9.45.50 PM

The Style guide

For the style guide I tried the the guide from the webpage. I liked the idea to collect the design elements first and then create the website from there. Most of the elements are then already think through and checked how they work together. This is a great way to test for example three different styles before rushing into the website design.


The wireframe

I made the wireframes with that was mentioned in the videos we watched during the week. I wasn’t too impressed and wanted to switch to Photoshop quite few times. It was just too simple and hard to move the elements and to create them actually as well.

Here’s the front page wireframe in it’s simplicity. The visual image will take the most space and tell the story itself and the menu bar on the left side will have the links to the pages, social media logos and the company logo on the top.

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