Week 31 — Websites and Business Strategies Part 2

The second learning activity was to surf the web and find 5 examples of websites that have been coded and designed for performance.

As we learned in the lessons the speed is a fundamental part of the user experience on the web.The site should be simple and efficient.

Here’s my examples:

1) Yle News text version: This news site has been working everywhere — even in China. It’s fast and offers the relevant news but you don’t need anything else.


2) Ampparit news: the second example is a news site as well. A bit more styled but still simple, loads fast, offers the relevant and is mobile friendly.


3) Apple —  I do like a lot their elegant and simple website, similar to their products.


4) Netflix  — fast loading and well organized site even though the products contains images and videos as the website should as well.


5) Amazon — I have to put this one here to the fifth. The site I’m using almost daily. It loads usually nicely even though it has millions of products and millions users. It’s not in the list I was going though In Hupspot’s site but I still choose it instead of Marks and Spencer or HBO.


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