Week 32 — Websites and Mobile Devices

Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Write a detailed brief. (You may use a real client or a fictional one)
  • Use the information from the brief to build a wireframe for the website
  • Choose a WordPress theme for the website
  • Customise the WordPress theme to fulfil the specific needs of the client
  • Make sure that the site works on both desktop and mobile devices (it does not have to work perfectly, but I want to see that you have considered it)
Upload your brief, wireframe and website to your WordPress blog.
I needed to update my portfolio and has been doing it among the Mandatory assignments and weekly activities. So I decided to continue with it and take it as a part of this activity.


  • What is your service/product?

I’m a graphic designer who is looking for new design projects to work with. I design logos, posters and flyers, brochures, business cards, profile manuals, illustrations, invitations, photographs, websites, motion graphic etc.

  • What are your requirements?

I want my site to be professional and simple. It is important for me that the site is visually appealing and designed well, to convince potential clients that I have an eye for design. The same goes for the coding; since I mention web design as something I can do, the site also needs to be responsive and the code well structured. I want the focus to be on the portfolio and my work. I want the site to reflect me and my personal style as a graphic designer.

  • What is the website’s goal?

The goal for the website is to get new clients, and convince them to work with me on their next project. It should show potential clients what I have already done, and give them an idea of what I could do for them in the future.

  • How are you going to achieve this goal?

I will achieve this goal by making a portfolio that has great focus on my work. This includes choosing my best work, and showcasing these in the best possible manner. To achieve this it is also important that the site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Build the website architecture


  • What is the design style that will be required?

The site should be simple, clean and timeless. I want the site to have some sort of a Nordic feel to it, maybe with a blue or tourquise colour. The portfolio part should be simple and the thumbnails should have a similar feeling.

  • What are your suggestions for marketing the site?

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where I have my own pages/profiles. Promoting the site on these platforms is important as more people will find it that way. I will also update other blogs, and eventually set up my own business card where I can add the url. This also goes for my e-mail signature, where it makes sense to include the url.

  • What is your business strategy

Working as a graphic designer can be hard. It is definitely a competitive field, and making clients choose you can be a challenge. The website will help me great in this, as long as the brief above is followed. The website will make it easier for me to promote my work, and I can easily direct potential clients to this site to give them an idea of what I can do.

  • Domain Registration and hosting

I already have an account through one.com.  I will be using this hosting company. As I may update this now and then as I get more projects, a WordPress site is beneficial as it’s easy and quick to update from anywhere.

The site url is: https://www.pauliinaviinikanoja.com/

For the parent theme I chose Pure from gt3themes. I liked it’s portfolio feature. It was close enough but I still needed to make the necessary changes to the look. I created a child theme and changed the fonts, modified the header and footer using child themes CSS and PHP sheets.

Here’s how the Pure looks.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 9.26.31 AM

And here’s an example of my portfolio website. I still need to work with my logo. I haven’t get put much time to sketch it further.


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