Week 34 — Project Exam (week 2)


I continued the logo process. I fine tuned the wax paper sketches and scanned them to Illustrator. I turned the hand drawn sketches to digital ones.

Finlandia Foundation San Francisco Bay Area logo options digitally sketched can be found Here.

I picked the ones that I thought could be the best ones to show to the client and send them to comment.

DAY 7. 

While waiting the options being viewed and the customer to get back with their comments and decision, I started with the Brand Manual. I explored and tested different typography, colors and elements according to the moodboard and based on customers answers.

DAY 8-10.


In the end the logo was send to all the board members to have a vote. There was four options that were pre picked for the vote (two of those were similar, others very different). Two options raise above the other ones and there was one which got one vote more than the other. With one vote difference this one was selected to be the Finlandia Foundation SF Bay Area Chapter’s logo.

Logo versions to the board

I fine tuned it a bit, checking that it scales nicely, all the lines were straight, outlined all the fonts and made different versions to use in different products. I checked that the printable versions were saved with trim marks in CMYK and web versions were saved in RGB. I tested which options would look best in the stacked version. The “SF Bay Area” on the left, right or in the middle. It looked a bit too heavy on the left side if put to the left. On the right it didn’t read correctly from the left so after testing in stationary I decided that the middle would serve the purpose and the logo could be used on the right or left side and it would be ok in it.




Creating the stationary. Here’s the business cards.

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And here’s the envelope, letterhead and folder.

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