Week 35 — Project Exam (week 3)

Last Friday the Convig 19 affected California and “Shelter in Place” was put in place. This makes my scheduling even harder. I have three kids — ages 2, 5 and 8 — at home now all the time. Addition to that they need to do their homeworks, have their PE, naps, reading etc. and be fed 5 times a day. I’m still convinced I will make it through!!


DAY 11

WEBSITE: I’m planning a bit ahead so that all the needed information would be available and building the website would go smoothly when we get there. The clients website is hosted by GoDaddy but we have been trying to figure out the access to the website. Somehow with the giving passwords I’m not able to get in GoDaddy. The responsibility of updating the website will be forwarded as well, so we need to figure out this.

NEWSLETTER: The Newsletter has been done with the MailChimp. It seems that everyone has been using their own account to send the Newsletters. All the passwords are connected to the gmail address that is under another person which makes updating all more complicated.

Plus it’s the first day of homeschooling our kiddos. Thanks to Corona virus, school lock down and shelter in place. I have a lot of help 🙂 Scheduling rules the world here now and naptimes are more important than ever!!

During the weekend I also realized that I had made a mistake with the business cards. With this combination, I didn’t have the name of the organization anywhere. As much as I liked the frontside of the card, I decided to keep the back detail (it gave much needed blue while placed with the other  stationary) and try to look new options for the frontside of the business card.

DAY 12

So I had to do few changes to the frontside of the business cards.
Here’s the new result.

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I started to created the template for the Newsletter. I searched inspiration and spend time getting to know MailChimp. To be honest if I need to implement the Newsletter to the MailChimp I will need much more time to do it. That’s a question that I asked the client. My original consumption was that I just do the design but there’s no point to do the design if it’s not implemented right away to the use.

The old format for the MailChimp has worked ok according to the client. It just has been a mix of different colours each time and lacking a bit of rules. With the Brand Manual I try to create them so that creating the Newsletter according the brand visual look.

DAY 13

Today I worked with the Newsletter. I sketched with hand first to the paper and then took it to InDesign and continued sketching in there. You can see the final result here.

DAY 14

Then I went forward to design the Brand Manual. I had everything on the paper already. I had collected all the typography, colours and elements and now it was just time to write it down. I hope this will help the client to be consistence in the future with the look of the brand. Here’s the BrandManual.

DAY 15

I did a bit cleaning for the Brand Manual and wanted to take a day to go back to the folder. I know that the budget is limited but I still wanted create the folder so that the wings on the side can be clued. The original design was made in InDesign but when the bleed area has to be added manually, I went back and took it to Illustrator. I created the folder from scratch, added the wings and the bleed area.

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Next week I’ll start to design the website. Quite excited about it already!

Have a wonderful weekend.







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