Week 36 — Project Exam (week 4)

DAYS 16-20 

Planning the strategy and searching options

I explored different options to do the website using  html, css and bootstrap, using Framework in wordpress (Bones, Underscrore or Sage for example) or a child theme. I read articles of each options and added plus and minuses to the paper. This was one of the videos that I found and gave his explanation why the child theme works ok for websites. In the end my conclusion was that child theme would work best for this project and for my client. The website would be easier to update by the client themself and the updates should be automatic, except the plug-ins and different plug-ins could be used for example for ticketing.


After interviewed the customer and getting feedback how the website should look and what content it should include, I had already created two options for the sitemap earlier, send it to the customer and was now going through the feedback from it.

We had a good commenting in Trello about what should be included and what to add. Should the events be in the future still be created both to Facebook and Eventbrite? I promised to test more how the options could work for ticketing. The site would be only in English. The donate and subscribe newsletter -buttons should be easy to find and pop out from many places. If the donate button is frequently present, the customer went to have the “Links” page on the navigation bar.

Ticketing options

The customer has been using Eventbrite for selling and promoting tickets to events. It has has a yearly cost, is adding another app to control and isn’t serving as well as it could, I was told. So I looked into other options that might work for the client and could be integrated to the website.

Deciding whether to use the ticketing plug-in or not is a big decision regarding the design I will made. There’s not too many events for each month or even for the year, so a calendar, that some of the organizations were using (for example Swea), would not work well. And the client wanted to have a website that wouldn’t need too much updating all the time.

I searched the best options for ticketing plug in in WordPress, read reviews and tested few of them. I created a test site to my old portfolio site and created three different events. I linked my Paypal account to it so that I could really go deep and know how it would work and the emails that the client gets would look like.

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When taking into consideration the look and the functions of the plug-in, I liked the best The event Calendar, By Modern Tribe, Inc. and it’s option to add Event Tickets into it.

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Moodboards and mindmap

I have been going through good webpages as well as pages that inspires me. These are the pages that had inspired me by their creativity or using a bit different approach to using text and image in the website. I’m not yet saying that these would bee a good fit to my client but I was looking inspiration to get something fresh and maybe new ideas to use for the website.

Setouchi Cominca Stays


For the inspiration I included a bit from Finland and a bit from San Francisco. Birch threes, green, blue, white. Modern, clean look. Design, creativity. Easy to navigate, easy to find information. Reflects active organization, yearly events, long history.

This board has also a lot little details that I was looking. How to use the donation button, how to design sign up for newsletter etc. WFF and National Parks Foundation had good examples for that.



WordPress parent theme

In the end of the week I also explored a bit already what could be the parent theme I could use. Just to give me idea what was available and useful, before running into too much designing. The theme had to be from a reliable company, downloaded a good amount of times so that I know that there’s a lot of people using it and it’s not likely that the company will discontinue it soon. That said it had to have an active support portal and updated versions of the theme (just to know that they are taking care of the theme and still putting effort to it).




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