Week 37 — Project Exam (week 5)

DAYS 21-25

Low-end sketches, feedback from old websites, Fireframes  and Motion Design

Low-end sketches

I started the process again by doing the low end designs sketching by hand. Each page was designed first by hand, just to see that all the wanted elements would be in place and to create a consistency to the look. I looked inspiration from existing websites, organization websites and the websites I already mentioned in the earlier post.

Free sketching and idea development

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Moving forward to more detailed sketching of each page 

I had read an articles about UX and optimizing for web. While more and more people are using cellphone while using internet, I wanted to start my designs mobile first as well. It’s very important that the website will be mobile friendly. I also want to pay attention to for example optimizing the images I will be using, so that the speed of downloading the site will be as fast as can be.

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This week has been mostly putting elements to their places and planning the structure of the websites. A bit exploring the WordPress and themes.

After sketching by hand, I started with the frontpage wireframe and continued from there to the rest of the pages. We also needed the thank you page after purchasing the tickets and donate page.

I saved the wireframes to Trello for the client to comment. After having the discussion and getting the feedback, I made the changes for the wireframes.

I had told the customer to look only that all the information would be in place and added. The design would not be in key role here.










Feedback from the old client’s website

I also contacted my old customer who I did the website in GRA1 and asked how she’s liking her website now when she has had two years to use it. What would she recommend for me to do differently? Is everything working well? Have the updates of WordPress and plug ins went well? Etc. I got the best feedback ever, which made me very happy. She had had only positive feedback of the sites and everyone loves how informative they are. If you haven’t yet, check them out! Burmesterhaus 

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.59.21 PM


High End Designs

Finally I sketched the final high end designs that I would follow when building the website.

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Motion design

I also made couple of drafts for Motion Design.
It requires a bit fine-tuning still but I think answers the requirements for clients needs. They were seeking to have a promo video reflecting an active and modern Organization which supports Finnish heritage in American culture.

(EDIT: I have deleted the video from my Vimeo account and added it to the clients Youtube account.)







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