Week 38 Project Exam (week 6)

DAYS 26-30

This week has been all building the website.

DAY 26

I had searched two options for the parent theme. I made the front page and was trying which one would “obey” my child theme commands better, how the navigation bar and the footer can be modified. Using inspector I tried what is changeable and what isn’t and how it would look.

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In the end I decided to use Astra. The biggest points were that the mobile navigation bar was nicer and the laptop version was a bit more flexible as well after I found the solution to change the navigation bar color.

I went forward and tried to make the navigation bar work. I even took the header.php and tried to take the navigation bar out from the container with child themes header.php but that didn’t work either. So…

I’m back using Virtue. I just couldn’t make the navigation bar to change it’s color and switch nicely to the mobile version as well. The mobile navigation bar is not as clean as in Astra but otherwise everything else seems to work as planned.

Tonight we also had a Skype meeting with the client and Anna who has promised to write the texts to the website. I shared the screen with everyone and we went through the digitally sketched designs. Couple of changes were made to the images but over all everything was in places and Anna got good tips for the texts. I feel that this was a really important meeting and now everyones expectations and schedule are in the same level.

DAY 27

I continued to build the sites. The frontside, menu bar and footer starts to be ready. I downloaded The Calendar and tickets plug-in:s and tried to figure out how to get them to the front-page without buying the PRO version. Finally I found a solution to it. I made one section of the front-page a widget area and embedded the front-page of the events to it.

Navigation bar as a second navigation bar. With the first one I couldn’t get the @screen to work with the wight of the bar. It always left a margin to the sides when switched to the smaller or bigger screen until the value changed.

After the front-page I continued to the other pages. It’s fun to see that finally I’m feeling that I can actually go and follow my design and make it work using the child theme’s css. It also pays back that I have searched, compared and tested the plugins beforehand. Now I can concentrate building.

DAY 28

I still haven’t got into the hosting company and started to really ask about it and dig deeper the reason. The process actually started along side in December but last week it took over and I had to put my development work aside to solve this. (I’m supposed to do half days but now it has been full hole days as well).

After several emails, text messages etc. I figured that the old side was hosted by WebFlow but the domain was still in GoDaddy. The domain had been changed as well during the process and we couldn’t get in to the account. Then I started to explore what are the options for the hosting plan in GoDaddy. Chat with representative and got information about the account and different plans. All good!

DAY 29

We finally have the hosting plan as well in GoDaddy. Now I have been getting to know the CPanel, transferring the data through FileZilla and FTP connection and exporting and importing date from the WordPress sites.

I discontinued the hosting service in Webflow and while the customer didn’t need any information from the old site I didn’t worried about it.

The site is up and running. Some technical aspects still need to be solved and there’s ton of styling that didn’t follow but I’m pretty happy. I had some trouble first with a broken child theme but  got it all solved in the end.

DAY 30

GoDaddy created the wordpress site and the next day I couldn’t get in anymore. I had to go tp myphp to change the the username and password for it. It didn’t help so I changed it from GoDaddy’s CPanel.

I have been updating my child theme’s style.css while some of the selectors change their value in the process. Also uploading the images, putting the right configurations on to the new WordPress site. etc.


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