Week 39 — Project Exam (week 7)

Last week (weeks half time) doing the Exam. There’s ton to do with the website: add Google Analytics, checking the performance, checking the mobile versions, correction to the layout etc etc.

DAYS 31-35

I actually started this already on last Friday but continued with it during the weekend and on this Monday. The site doesn’t work while GoDaddy doesn’t provide SLL certificates for its users. This was new to me while my site is hosted by One.com and it they secure their sites for free by LetsEncrypt.

It took good three days to try to figure out which would be the best plan to get the SLL certificate, from which authorization level and for what price.

Finally after reading several articles, GoDaddy’s website support and other ones experiences about the subject I ended up to use SLL Zen and Really Simple SLL plug-in:s. SLL Zen offers an affordable option to renew the LetsEncrypt’s free 90 days SLL certificate.

DAY 31

I added Google Analytics to the website. I read and explored the options and ended up using MonsterInsights plug-in. To get the account work took awhile but in the end all the information is in WordPress and the client can only use one app.

DAY 32

I have been fixing little things, like why the images are not showing correctly in the mobile version, same margins, same text colors.

Reading about the options to backup the files and how to add meta data to the site without the plugin.

I’m trying to change the Event pages so that the text and image  in the beginning of the page would only show in the main page, not when you click to one of the events. I found the link to do it but can’t quite make it work. Here’s the link what I should do.

DAY 33

Testing the site with the board members and with a few friends that has been doing UX testing.

I made two events and we tested the hole site with the FF board. We signed up and bought tickets, tested that the PayPal is working, the newsletter sign ups went though, the mobile and ipad versions also has everything in place and worked, the images downloaded.

There was minor things to fix and mostly everything worked well but it still took a good time to make those little things. I changed the margins to % so that there wouldn’t be so

I also tested the site with speed and mobil friendliness.

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DAY 34

Backing up the site. There was three options that I looked into: DublicatorUpDraftPlus and All-In-One Migration. I ended up using the UpDraftPlus and download all the files to the clients Google Drive.

For some reason the favicon wasn’t showing in the live page. So I changed the code in the functions.php and that helped. I read this article for it.

I also added the entry image for WordPress through functions.php. I also changed the Howdy text, disabled the logging hints, added Meta Data and set up use of minified libraries if SCRIPT_DEBUG is turned off.

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DAY 35

Today is a half day (because of the time difference) and the due day.

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